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Tools available to center the distracted brain

You're working on an important task to complete by day's end, then:

  • A reminder email pops up requesting you respond to a scheduling inquiry.
  • As you look at your calendar to respond to the email, a co-worker walks by and asks, "Aren't you joining us for the meeting?"
  • You rush to gather your pen and notepad and walk briskly to the meeting.
  • When you return from the meeting you settle into your task.
  • Then you read a few texts: one from your spouse reminding you to stop by the grocery store and another from a couple of friends about meeting after work to plan for a fishing trip.
  • Your respond to several more emails.
  • When you check the time you see there is only 40 minutes to rush through your task before you need to leave.

Is this scenario familiar?

ANR Learning and Development has resources to train the brain to focus. If you'd like to understand the scattered brain so you can transform it, review the following video and blog:

The Perfect 15-Minute Day (3 minutes; YouTube video)

Less-is-more blog (website)

The video and blog are produced by Pierre Khawand, founder and principal of People-OnTheGo. His best-selling “Accomplishing more in less time, less effort, and less stress” workshop enables business professionals to better cope with information overload and competing priorities. He has published “The Accomplishing More with Less Workbook,” “Accomplishing More With Google Apps,” and “The Results Curve: How to manage focused and collaborative time!”

From Scattered to Centered (47 minutes; YouTube video)

"Modern life is making all of us a little scattered and feeling anything but centered." says psychiatrist Alicia Ruelaz Maher. “I have been fascinated to watch symptoms that were hallmarks of ADHD now showing up in just about everyone. And this is because the way we are currently using technology is actually changing the ways our brains function and this is generally in a direction that causes us to be less calm and effective."

For training resources on Time and Project Management go to the ANR Learning and Development webpage: Results Orientation and Execution.

Posted on Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 11:04 AM

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