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Staff Assembly offers scholarships

The UC ANR Staff Assembly has established a scholarship program that is available to all UC ANR staff employees and county-paid employees. The scholarship provides financial assistance to UC ANR staff to pursue career interests, develop new career paths, and address knowledge or skill gaps needed to reach professional development goals.

Scholarships may be used for

  • Courses/tuition/registration fee for required certification(s).
  • Courses/tuition/registration required for degree attainment if related to current position or career development.
  • Registration fees for seminars and workshops (excluding travel).
  • Books and materials for career development (as required by selected course/workshop etc.).

Up to $499 is available, depending on the amount of eligible applications received. Only successfully completed training activities will be approved. Applicants must provide proof of completion with a passing grade for courses or seminars.

This year's award dates are for courses taken between April 16, 2018, and Oct. 31, 2018. Deadline for applications is close of business Oct. 31, 2018.

For more information and the application form, visit

Scholarship recipients

During the last cycle, Staff Assembly doubled the number of scholarship awards offered – six people received scholarship reimbursements, ranging from $494-$499 each. The recipients were:

Lea Corkidi

  • Christina Becker, lab asst. 3, Nutrition Policy Institute
  • Lea Corkidi, staff research associate 2, UCCE San Diego     
  • Ria Debiase, Pest Management Guidelines coordinator, IPM Statewide Program
  • Jerry Harris, administrative services officer, UCCE San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara
  • Kim Ingram, HR analyst III, Academic Human Resources
  • Rhett Woerly, facilities management specialist 3, UC ANR Facilities Planning and Management            

Here is what the scholarship recipients are saying about the program:

When Ria Debiase was asked if she would apply for a scholarship again she replied, “Yes. As I will be entering grad school while working as a UC employee, I appreciate any help I can get.”

Lea Corkidi heard about the program at an all-staff meeting in her office. She definitely plans on applying for funds again in the future and absolutely recommends the scholarship program to peers and colleagues!

Rhett Whoerly took courses related to his Construction Management Certificate and also plans on applying for scholarship funds in the future. 

Kim Ingram
Kim Ingram, who is working on a masters degree in education, adult education and training, says “I was able to apply methods learned in this class to a recent facilitation training I co-lead, and to other process situations I engage in as part of my job.” She said she also recommends this program to others and will apply again in the future.

The Staff Assembly Council and the Scholarship Award sub-committee congratulates all the recipients.

We are so happy to be able to provide these reimbursement scholarships and hope that more employees take advantage of this program.



Posted on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 at 2:39 PM
  • Author: Sue Lake

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