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ANR celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Each year, during Hispanic Heritage Month – from September 15 to October 15 – the country celebrates the culture and contributions of those whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Latinos comprise 40 percent of California's population and a growing portion of ANR's clientele. The work and contributions of Latino ANR members help to customize ANR's outreach for the Latino community, from immigrants to native-born citizens.

“We greatly appreciate the insight and skills of ANR's Latino academics, educators and staff members,” said VP Glenda Humiston. “They enable us to better serve the diverse population of California.”

This year, News and Information Outreach in Spanish, or NOS, is highlighting the work of five Hispanic ANR members whose passion to work in their communities have contributed to better lives for their fellow residents.

“The Latino community is thriving, and growing politically and financially with the help of ANR,” said Ricardo Vela, NOS manager. 

NOS has produced videos showcasing the work of Myriam Acevedo, UCCE nutrition educator in Riverside County; Nelly Camacho, UCCE food educator in Alameda County; Carmen Gispert, UCCE area viticulture and pest management advisor based in Indio; Ramiro Lobo, UCCE small farms and agricultural economics advisor in San Diego County; and José Luis Aguiar, UCCE agricultural advisor for Riverside County based in Indio.

See their stories at, Facebook at, and Twitter @UCANRnos.

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