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Aquatic Invasive Species (Coastal) Database

Invasive Seaweeds and Hull Fouling Species

Asian Kelp

Scientific Name
Undaria pinnatifida
Asian kelp 150

Colonial Sea Squirt or Tunicate

Scientific Name
Diplosoma listerianum
Diplosoma listerianum 150

Devil Weed

Scientific Name
Sargassum horneri
Sargassum 150

Encrusting Bryozoan

Scientific Name
Watersipora subtorquata
watersipora subtorquata 150

Killer Seaweed

Scientific Name
Caulerpa taxifolia
Caulerpa 150

Lacy Tube Worm

Scientific Name
Filograna implexa
Filograna implexa 150

Mud Tube Amphipod

Scientific Name
Laticorophium baconi
L. baconi 150

Solitary Sea Squirts or Tunicate

Scientific Name
Ciona spp. (C. intestinalis, & C. savignyi)
ciona 150

Spiral Tube Worm

Scientific Name
Spirorbis spp.
Spirorbis 150

Tube worms

Scientific Name
Hydroides spp. (H. elegans, & H. gracilis)
Hydroides 150

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