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On September 21, 2012, California joined 45 states with Cottage Food laws when Governor Brown signed the California Homemade Food Act (California AB 1616) into law. This law, implemented January 1, 2013 and amended in 2021 (California AB 1144 & CA AB 831) creates a new category of retail food facilities known as a Cottage Food Operation. Cottage Food Operations (California Department of Public Health website) will allow persons using home kitchens to make and sell limited quantities of non-potentially hazardous foods. Cottage food products are non-potentially hazardous foods that are unlikely to grow harmful bacteria or other toxic microorganisms at room temperature. 

The California Homemade Food Act was intended to promote local economic development, increase access to healthy foods, promote healthy eating, and support community-based food production.

Please see our menu at the top for a list and information on the approved foods, pages on operating your cottage food business, requirements to run a cottage food business, and a resources page.