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Corn and Sorghum

Corn is one of the leading crops in the Delta by acreage. While most of the corn grown in California is for silage, most of the corn grown in the Delta is for grain. My research and extension program provides locally-relevant information to enhance the efficiency, profitability, and stewardship of Delta corn production.

Delta Field Corn Variety Trial

Delta field corn variety trial
The annual variety trial provides agronomic, disease, and yield information.

2019 Results

2018 Results

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Nitrogen Stabilizers in Silage Corn

Fig. 1. Nitrogen stabilizers applied at sidedress fertilizer application.
Nitrogen stabilizers are an example of an enhanced efficiency fertilizer and are used to improve crop performance and nutrient management. This trial evaluated three treatments and a fertilizer-only control for improvements in crop yield and nitrogen uptake.

2018 Nitrogen Stabilizer Report

Seed Treatments for Wireworm Control in Field Corn

2014-6-5 Wireworm in corn seedling v2
Wireworms are a soil-borne pest that are common in Delta muck soils. This trial evaluated new and commercial seed treatments for efficacy and crop performance.

2015 Seed Treatment Trial Report

2014 Seed Treatment Trial Report

Sorghum Seeding Rate Trial

Sorghum Seeding Rate Trial
During the drought (2012-2016), there was a shift in crop acreage away from grain corn to grain sorghum. Sorghum has similar growth habits as corn and is sometimes grown as a substitute for corn because of its tolerance of drought and low-input conditions.

2016-17 Sorghum Seeding Rate Report

2016 Sorghum Seeding Rate Report