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Environmental Education Through Hands-On Learning

Range Camp 2021

About Range Camp

Coastside Gives 2021

Adventure Day Program

Introducing: Adventure Day!

A private outdoor education day of fun at UC Elkus Ranch for social bubbles of children and adults.

Participants will spend the day caring for our animals and gardens, making a nature-themed craft, going on hikes around the property, and more!  Social bubbles may contain up to 10 people maximum (including adult chaperones). 

Perfect for educational pods & preschools, babysitting groups, families, and anyone else who wants more quality outdoor time on the ranch.

Learn more: ucanr.edu/adventure

Small-Group & Family Tours

Tired of quarantining at home? Ready to get outside and try something different? Get out of the house and get some fresh air: We have opened up the ranch to small-group & families for individual tours! Learn more

Upcoming Events
Event Name Date
Elkus Ranch Summer Camp: Session 4 8/2/2021

All About Goats!

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Program Coordinator:
Leslie Jensen

Phone: (650) 712-3151
Email: lkjensen@ucanr.edu

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