Goats for Sale

Our kids are ready to find new homes!

We have several goat kids for sale. All have been handled regularly by children and adults and are very friendly. Would make great family pets or projects for 4-H Shows! They are 100% Boer or a Boer cross, by our purebred Boer buck, Huckleberry Finn.

We have kids that are 6 months old (ready to go home now) and kids that are <1 month old (ready to go home mid-end of July). 

Betty's Boer Doeling

Betty's Boer Wether 2019

Blossom's Second Wether 2019

Blossom's First Wether 2019

Stormy's Boer Wether 2019

Sephora's Doeling & Buckling

Dash's Doeling & Buckling 2019

Sissy's Boer Bucklings 2019

Proud father, Huckleberry Finn
Proud father, Huckleberry Finn

Asking $350 for Boers and $250 for mixed breeds. Please contact Courtney Zimmerman, Elkus Ranch Educator & UCCE Admin Assistant, for more information.

(650) 276-7427 | cczimmerman@ucanr.edu