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Snail & Slug Symposium, 2013

BRIEF INTRODUCTION - Why Slugs and Snails? Their Impact on Ag, Nursery, and Landscape Plants
  • Moderators: Gary Bender, Ph.D., Cheryl Wilen, Ph.D., James Bethke, and David Shaw: UCCE Farm Advisors
  • Speaker: Robin Rosetta, Oregon State University, North Willamette Research and Extension Center\
  • Speaker: Arnold H. Hara, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Dept. of Plant & Environmental Protection Sciences
  • Speaker: Dr. Rory McDonnell, Ph.D., Department of Entomology, U.C. Riverside 
  • Speaker: Jim Wynn, San Diego County Department of Agriculture
  • Speaker: Robin Rosetta, Oregon State University
PRESENTATION - Integrated Pest Management (IPM) including Chemical and Biological Measures for Snail and Slug Control
Speaker: Cheryl Wilen, Ph.D., IPM Advisor, UCCE and UC IPM