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Post-fire Forest Resilience

About the Program

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As seen throughout the last decade, the size, frequency, and severity of wildfires in California has dramatically increased to an unprecedented scale. Consequently, forest landowners are faced with the inevitable challenge of managing for wildfire and addressing its potential impact on their land. This has left many landowners, especially private family forested landowners, wondering "What should I do now?".


In California, small non-industrial private landowners account for about 20% of the total forested lands in the California, 90% of which are in parcels of 50 acres or less. Regardless of the amount or severity of acres burned, there is a pressing need to provide education and outreach on technical and financial assistance programs to forest landowners. This is essential to promote forest recovery and resilience following wildfires.


Modeled after Forest Stewardship Education Program, the new UC ANR Post-fire Forest Resilience Program provides guidance and assistance to private forest landowners who have been impacted by wildfire. This initiative began in 2022 and is funded by  the USFS State and Private Forestry through Spring of 2026. The program includes a workshop series that delivers educational resources and information for forest landowners and communities recovering from wildfire, a reforestation needs assessment, and a document on lessons learned from Emergency Forest Restoration Teams (EFRT) that assist landowners.


For outreach, please refer to our Post-Fire Workshop Brochure


For more information on the Post-Fire Forest Resilience Workshops, see our Workshops Page.