UC Davis Hemp Field Day, September 22, 2022

Location: UC Davis Agronomy Field Headquarters, Hutchison Drive, Davis, CA 95616

Location Coordinates: 38.539238, -121.779709

Continuing education units offered:

DPR – 1 hour laws, 1 hour other

CCA – 1.5 hours IPM

INMP – 0.5 hours

Description: Research on industrial hemp was first permitted by California law in 2019. This field day will offer an opportunity for sharing of research data conducted by University of California researchers over the past 3-4 years. Tour field plots and learn of the agricultural practices common for this crop.





7:15 am

, refreshments


8:00 am

Welcome and introductions

Dan Putnam

Kadie Britt

Sarah Light

8:05 am

Current work on Cannabis collected from Iran

Mahboubeh Dehnavi, UC Davis

8:20 am

Hemp variety types and how they impact production systems and pest management

Dan Putnam, UC Davis

8:35 am

UC Davis hemp breeding efforts and crop ideotypes for improved CBD, fiber, grain

Charlie Brummer, UC Davis

Daniel Pap, UC Davis

8:50 am

Irrigation needs of industrial hemp

Bob Hutmacher, UCCE

Dan Putnam, UC Davis

9:05 am

Nitrogen studies and requirements of industrial hemp

Maya Hotz, UC Davis

Dan Putnam, UC Davis

9:20 am

Overview of the hemp agroecology network and key insect pests observed in industrial hemp

Kadie Britt, UC Riverside

9:35 am

Importance of beneficial insect predators and other biocontrol in cropping systems

Saul Alba, Beneficial Insectary

9:50 am

Strategies for weed management and studies on herbicide injury in industrial hemp

Sarah Light, UCCE

10:05 am

Pathogens observed in industrial hemp

Tera Pitman, UC Davis

10:20 am

Pesticides approved for industrial hemp

Rachel Kubiak, DPR

10:35 am

Process of approving pesticides for industrial hemp using the IR-4 process

Matt Hengel, IR-4

10:50 am

Regulatory challenges in producing industrial hemp

Natalie Jacuzzi, CDFA

11:05 am

Insecticide resistance: let’s avoid the problem!

Ian Grettenberger, UC Davis

Madi Hendrick, UC Davis

11:20 am

Biopesticide options and potential uses for pest management in hemp

Taylor Hoover, Marrone Bio Innovations

11:35 am

Questions/answers and discussion and feedback from farmers, PCAs, researchers, etc.


12:00 pm

Field day adjourned