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Impact Outcome Evaluation

Welcome to Impact Outcome Evaluation, commonly referred to as IOE! This evaluation project is required for all local health departments conducting a minimum intervention of series-based direct education in school or school-based after school programs with grades 4-12.


Study Design:

Using a pre/post-test design, you will survey students receiving CalFresh Healthy Living interventions at the beginning and end of school year, regardless of when the direct education component occurs. The validated Eating and Activity Tool for Students (EATS) is the required pre/post survey tool, and measures student eating and physical activity behaviors.



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This study design allows us to:

1) Determine the effectiveness of your unique school-based interventions and support a continuous cycle of program improvement, and

2) aggregate data state-wide from the collective school-based CalFresh Healthy Living efforts to display the efficacy of our programs to our funder, determine the most effective intervention components and combinations, and contribute to the evidence-base. To learn more, check out the IOE Purpose, Timeline & Logic Model .


We acknowledge that IOE has changed a lot over the years and FFY 24 may have the biggest change yet! We are excited to welcome all LHDs to the project. If you are ready to begin planning for FFY 24, check out the FFY 24-26 Resources Page