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Welcome to FFY 23 Impact Outcome Evaluation!

In FFY 23, Impact Outcome Evaluation (IOE) requirements will be expanded to all LHDs, regardless of funding tier. The following describes requirements by funding tier:


Tier 3+ 

  • Continue your FFY 20-22 evaluation in the same intervention sites
  • Complete the same deliverables: Pre/Post, SLAQ, Planning Worksheet/Attrition Log
  • You do not need to continue evaluation activities at comparison sites


Tiers 1 and 2

IF your LHD has the following in the Integrated Work Plan (IWP), you must participate in IOE:

  • Series-based direct education (3+ sessions),
  • in a school or school-based after school site,
  • with 4th-12th grade students.

IF you have activities that meet these criteria in your IWP:

  • At minimum,identify one site and two classroom within the site to evaluate
  • Define the intervention (i.e. all intervention activities a student will be exposed to = DE, PSE, IE) 
  • Before any intervention begins, pre-test using the Eating and Activity Tool for Students (EATS). 
  • After all intervention is complete, post-test using EATS.