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Eating and Activity Tool For Students

The Eating and Activity Tool for Students (EATS) is available in English and Spanish, and in both paper and online versions. Online administration is highly recommended and is done through separate pre and post survey links custom to each school site. Paper surveys will also be entered into the same survey links. To receive your survey links, complete the Planning Worksheet and return to Amanda Linares. Before administering, be sure to consult the administration protocol and survey administration training for general guidance and best practices. 

Starting in FFY 24, we will require the Parent Info/Opt Out Letter be sent home with students at least two weeks prior to pre-test (only) administration. They can be sent out in paper form or electronically through parent communicator apps (e.g., Parent Square). Only parents/guardians who DO NOT wish to have their students complete the survey need to send them back. If your program requires this letter in a language not available here, contact Amanda Linares.