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2019 Home & Garden Show

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March 1, 2, 3

Friday, March 1


12:00pm    Growing and Pruning Roses

                  by Master Gardeners Sue Kendall & Joan Jones

The art growing beautiful roses in your garden can be a joy and a pleasure if you know the “best practices” for success.  All about roses will be discussed ending with a ‘hands-on’ pruning session.

1:30pm      How to Grow Plants From Seeds and Cuttings

                  by Master Gardeners Karen Basso & Marcia Rosenberg

 Why spend money on plants from the store when you can start them yourself at home? Learn how to grow plants from seed, an inexpensive way to get exactly the flowers and vegetables you want.  Then find out how to start plants from cuttings taken from plants you’ve seen and admired.

 3:00pm      Creating a Water-Wise Landscape

                  by Master Gardener Susan Stiltz

Need ideas for converting water-thirsty lawns to a beautiful, low-water landscape using Fresno-Friendly plants? Then don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a landscape professional.

 4:00pm      Lavender the Drought Tolerant Useful Herb

                  by Master Gardener Valerie Kissler

 What makes lavender so desirable and special? Come and learn all about this amazing herb from choosing, planting, harvesting, and using: having success growing lavender.


Saturday, March 2


11:00am      Unlock the Secrets in the Soil

                  by Master Gardener Tim Sullivan

Healthy gardens begin with healthy soil.  Come learn about the USDA program “Unlock the Secrets in the Soil”. The goal of this program is to regenerate our nation’s soils and correct the problems caused by over-tillage and the overuse of chemicals.  This program is very exciting because it restores the natural microbiology of the soil with very little input.  This class will focus on restoring soil health to your own home garden.

12:30pm     Under the Spell of Succulents

                  by Master Gardener Roz Tampone

 Succulents are one of the most popular plants in California gardens today.  Roz will teach you all you need to know to grow succulents successfully.  Learn the names of many common succulents, how to propagate them, and how to display them in your garden.

2:00pm       The Art of Aesthetic Pruning

                  by Master Gardener Dawn Truelsen

With its foundation in Japanese garden pruning, bonsai and arboriculture, aesthetic pruning incorporates visual art and design principles to the pruning of small trees and shrubs in the landscape.  You will learn how aesthetic pruning can be applied to your home garden

3:00pm       The Joy of Growing Herbs and Vegetables in Pots

                  by Master Gardener Sharon Rossi

Why grow herbs and vegetables in containers?  Convenience, poor soil, small space, limited sun or water, soil-borne pests, personal physical challenges – container gardens are the answer!  Learn how to grow edibles in pots!

4:00pm       Growing Tomatoes Successfully

                  by Master Gardeners Rose Pipkin &  the Tomato Gurus

What varieties?  What color besides RED?  What size besides BIG?  When to plant? How much water and nutrients?  What about pests and diseases?  Can I get more than one crop?  What about harvesting and uses of the fruit? You have questions???  We have answers!!

Sunday, March 3

11:00am     Garden Tool Maintenance

                    by Master Gardener Dan Schara

 Join Dan for a hands-on demonstration of garden tool maintenance, repair and sharpening.  You are welcome to bring a couple of your own garden tools and sharpening devices for inclusion in the class discussion.

12:30pm    Backyard Composting

                  by Master Gardener Ann Edahl

 Learn how to quickly turn your garden clippings and kitchen scraps into valuable compost.  You will learn the “why & how” of starting your own compost pile and then using the finished product around your yard to enrich and improve your soil.

2:00pm      Summer Blubs and Annuals

                  by Master Gardener Jackie Bradley

Plan your summer garden now!  Learn how to keep your garden bursting with color and visual interest all summer long using summer bulbs and annuals.  Included are tips on plant combinations, placement, and care.

3:30pm      Topiary Workshop

                  by Master Gardener Joanie Finch

Learn how to choose the right plant to make topiary for table top décor or in your garden landscape.  Joanie will discuss the care and requirements for a variety of plant materials for our climate.  Then experience the thrill of creating a topiary!


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Classes this session will be held at Garden of the Sun address 1750 N Winery, Fresno, CA 93703


at Clovis Botanical Garden address 945 N Clovis Ave, Clovis. Please check to see where your class is located. 

PAR Plant a Row for the Hungry

PAR is a nationwide, people-to-people program sponsored locally by UC Master Gardeners and Community Food Bank. 

Two of the classes this session are connected to PAR. All about Citrus and Summer Vegetables. We hope as you learn more about this community outreach that you might become involved. 

To learn more about Plant a Row for the Hungry click here. 

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