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Key IPM Methods

Some key methods in IPM programs include:

  • Plant pest resistant or well adapted plant varieties such as native plants.

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  • Alter the garden or home environment to deprive the pests of food, water, shelter and other requirements they need to thrive.

  • Keep pests out of the home and garden using barriers, screens, and caulking.

  • Squash, trap, wash off or prune out pests.

  • Rely on natural enemies in your garden to kill pests, thereby eliminating the need for insecticides that may end up in our waterways.

Natural Enemies
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  • Pesticides should only be used when nonchemical methods are ineffective and pests are reaching intolerable levels; choose products carefully so that the least toxic, most effective material is used.

Refer to the Statewide IPM website for further information on Integrated Pest Management.