Infested Material Disposal

Buy IT Where You Burn It

Take the following steps to limit the spread of MOB:

  • Moving infested wood artificially spreads pests to other areas. Buy It Where You Burn IT, Don’t Move Firewood. 
  • Cut stumps as low to the ground as practical and cover with clear plastic.
  • Chip infested wood as small as possible (to a diameter of one to three inches).
  • Whether or not the wood can be chipped, solarization is recommended. Cover the wood with sturdy plastic (clear if possible), and leave in the sun for six weeks (summer) to six months (winter). Make sure the chips or logs (and beetles) are fully contained by wrapping the plastic sheet both underneath and over the material. To maximize heating, keep the layer of wood or chips as thin as possible.


Solarization. Photo by Curtis Ewing, CALFIRE