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Poster Session


Poster Title Presenter
1 Birds, Beef and Oaks: Market Incentives for Rangeland Conservation Matt Allshouse
2 Does Foliar Trichome Abundance, Morphology and Plasticity Vary with Climate in a Deciduous Oak? Berenice Badillo
3 Abiotic and Biotic Constraints to Blue Oak Restoration in the Sierra Foothills Fiona O'Neill
6 Habitat Associations for Amphibians and Reptiles in Undisturbed California Oak Woodland Chris Evelyn
8 Study of Blue Oaks for Climate Impacts, Health and Guidance for Central California Land Managers Billy Freeman
11 Growth of Five Species of Mexican Oaks at the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden James Henrich
12 The Effects of Aridity and Herbivore Assemblage on Oak Savanna Understory Functional Traits Maggie Klope
13 What Shapes Phenology and Fecundity in a Masting Tree Species?  Location, Location, Location Andy Lentz
14 Rapid Growth of Southern California Black Walnut (Juglans californica) through Stump Salvage and Transplantation Richard B. Lewis III, Psomas
18 Thirty Years of Valley Oak and Blue Oak Woodland Restoration at the Los Vaqueros Reservoir Watershed and Conservation Lands: A Review and Recommendations Atalie Brown
19 Access to Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Improves Early Growth of Locally Adapted Valley Oaks (Quercus lobata) Victoria Sork
20 Impacts of Novel Soil-borne Phytophthora Pathogens in Oak Riparian Restoration Sites David Mitchell
21 Get Familiar with the Invasive Pests Threatening California Oaks Beatriz Nobua-Behrmann
22 Linking Hydraulic Responses to Gas Exchange and Water Stress in California Oaks Marissa Ochoa
24 Ectoparasites Influenced Woodrat Survival and Recruitment in a California Oak Woodland Anne Polyakov
27 Abundance and Diversity of Resident and Wintering Birds in Undisturbed California Oak Woodland William Tietje
28 Valley Oak Dendrochronology in the Tehachapi Mountains, California Matthew Trumper
29 Physiological Response to Summer Drought: a Long-term Comparative Study of an Evergreen and a Deciduous Oak Species Claudia Tyler
30 Influences of Temperature and Rainfall on Relative the Abundances of Amphibians and Reptiles in a California Oak Woodland Autumn Valentine
31 Spread Knowledge, not SOD! Sudden Oak Death Outreach with the UC Master Gardener Program of Sonoma County SOD Specialists Kerry Wininger