Recovering from Wildfire
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Recovering from Wildfire


Revegetation After a Wildfire

Assessing the Wildfire and Water Repellent Soils after the fact is an important step.

Evaluating the Effects and Effectiveness of Post- Re-seeding Treatments in Western Forests (Nebraska) after a wildfire is another measure one can take to ensure the health of the land.

Utilizing native plants in annual dominated systems in Central California as a form of Vegetation Management After Fire is also another good restoration technique.

Reforestation After a Wildfire

Reforesting Your Forestland after a Wildfire is an important step to take to ensure the ongoing health of your forest.

After a wildfire, Regenerating Rangeland Oaks in California will aid in maintaining the biodiversity throughout your land.

Lastly, information about Fire in California's Oak Woodlands can be found here.

Volunteer plants seedling after 2007 Angora Fire
Volunteer plants seedling after 2007 Angora Fire

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