Recovering from Wildfire
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Recovering from Wildfire

Livestock, Agriculture and Natural Resources Guide to Fire

Agricultural Resources

Wildfires can wreck havoc on your commodities directly or indirectly. Smoke damage to wine grapes is a big problem in Australia, however it can be a localized problem here.

Smoky Character in Wines

Smoke Taint in Michigan Wine Grapes and Fruits

How to Recover Fire Damaged Grapevines

Water Resources

Addressing the Impacts of Wildfire on Water Resources (Colorado) is necessary in maintaining the health and vigor of the local rivers and streams. Understand how Wildfire and Its Effects on Streams and Rivers can severely impact local watersheds and ecosystems are another important step in addressing and combating wildfires.

Wildfire Impact on Livestock and Vice Versa

Wildfires severely impact livestock because Scorched Habitats Forces Animal Behavior Changes. Check out more information on how livestock can be affected by local fires: Wildfires, Smoke and Livestock

Here are Tips on Pasture Management After Fire and Drought to understand whether To Graze or Not To Graze on the land.

See how Planned Herbivory in the Management of Wildfire Fuels can be a possible tool for landowners.

Looking for information about fire and weeds? Please visit the Cal-IPC's website for post-fire BMPs and the prevention of invasive weed spread

Livestock Grazing in post Carmel Forest burned area
Livestock Grazing in post Carmel Forest burned area


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