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California Poultry Federation 4-H Workshop Videos

School of Veterinary Medicine and California Poultry Federation 4-H Workshop

Sponsored by NIFA through the Poultry Respiratory Diseases CAP project (PRD-CAP) and the California Poultry Federation.

This workshop given by poultry extension specialists and Faculty of the department of Animal Sciences, UC Riverside and the Vet school tries to educate small flock owners and 4-H community on resources in CA, biosecurity, disease transmission, behavior and pest control. Subtitles in Spanish will be included.


Introduction to CA Poultry Federation, NPIP, and CAHFS - Monica Della Maggiore


Backyard Flock Pests - Dr. Amy Murillo


Backyard Chicken Behavior - Dr. Richard Blatchford


An Activity about Disease Transmissino - Dr. Rodrigo Gallardo


Disease Transmission and Practical Biosecurity - Dr. Maurice Pitesky