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Request for Proposals

Proposals Due: July 8, 2019

2019 Request for Proposals UC ANR RREA Grant Program  

2019 Proposal Application UC ANR RREA Grant Program

The UC Agriculture & Natural Resources Renewable Resources Extension Act (RREA) Project & Student Intern Grants Program is soliciting:

Proposals that will develop and/or support new or existing Cooperative Extension projects and/or activities that address the educational and extension needs in the management of California's valuable renewable resources on forest and rangeland. The primary purpose of this program is to promote the proper management of these resources, especially on private lands, and to provide the information/education/training needed by Extension personnel, landowners, land managers, and natural resource professionals. Maximum award is $15,000 per project.

Student Intern Proposals that would utilize the services and talents of student interns. Internships are open to undergraduate or graduate students from any institution of higher education in California, particularly the University of California and the California State Universities. Principal Investigators will not be granted additional RREA funds to pay for supplemental costs associated with the project. Student interns are expected to work on projects or activities that address educational and extension needs in the management of California's renewable resources. Interns will be funded up to $6,000.  Intern proposals must demonstrate the connection to Cooperative Extension (county or campus office).



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