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Request for Proposals

Call for Proposals: California Renewable Resources Extension Act (RREA) Program

Proposals Due: July 2, 2018

The California Renewable Resources Extension Act (RREA) Statewide Special Program is soliciting extension education and student intern proposals.

Extension and Outreach Proposals to develop or support activities that address education and extension needs for managing California’s valuable renewable resources. The primary purpose of the RREA program is to promote the proper management of these resources, especially on private lands, and to provide the information, education, and training needed by Extension personnel, land owners, and land managers. Maximum award is $15,000 per project (not to exceed one year).

Student Intern Proposals that would utilize the services and talents of student interns to work on projects or activities that address educational and extension needs in the management of California’s renewable resources. Maximum award is $6,000 per intern (not to exceed one year).

See the 2018-19 RREA Request for Proposals for application instructions.

For questions about the submission process or technical requirements please contact Melanie Caruso, ANR Program Planning and Evaluation Unit Research Administrator.






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