2020 Evaluation Results

Satisfaction 2020 SFD
The State 4-H Field Day, begun in 2002, is the largest and most comprehensive educational event offered by UC 4-H. The event provides culminating experience for 4-H members (aged 9 to 19) in their year-long 4-H educational experiences. In May 18-31, 2020, the event was implemented virtually with six contests focusing on public speaking, interview skills, photography skills, robotics and coding, film production, and plant science. Nearly 500 youth participated in one or more contests.


  • Youth reported that primary benefits were improving competence (communication skills) and confidence (self-worth).
  • Youth who have successful public speaking experiences are more confident in their public speaking abilities.
  • Youth report very strong feelings of belonging and acceptance in 4-H.

2020 Virtual State 4-H Field Day Evaluation Report

Over 1,000 people attend the State 4-H Field Day annually, setting-up chairs on the West Quad, UC Davis.

Virtual State 4-H Field Day 2020

State 4-H Field Day will host virtual contests.
State 4-H Field Day will host virtual contests.
April 1, 2020: The State Field Day planning team monitored information regarding COVID-19 from the California Department of Public Health and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The UC Davis campus canceled all events on-campus through spring quarter. Our priority is ensuring the safety of the young people in the 4-H program, their families, and our community.

Therefore, we decided to move to a virtual format for State 4-H Field Day 2020. State 4-H Field Day will NOT be hosted on May 30 at UC Davis. Virtual State 4-H Field Day Announcement 4-1-2020

We considered several options and considered each contest separately as a good way to proceed. Each contest coordinator was asked to plan how their contest could go virtual; unfortunately, several did not lend themselves to a virtual format and the contest coordinators decided to cancel their contest. The decision to cancel contests was not taken lightly and know members may be disappointed.

We know that virtual contests do not solve the problem for every contest or every family. We also recognize people have other serious priorities. 4-H participation may not be a priority at this time. We also understand not everyone has a home Internet connection and may not be able to participate virtually. Furthermore, we did not want to postpone events into the new program/school year. Our goal is to do the best we can in maintaining some normalcy and continuing the learning experiences for as many youth as possible, honoring the work they have put in over this program year to prepare for their event at State 4-H Field Day. For those who cannot participate this way, we want to keep track and see what we can do. So even if a young person cannot participate virtually, we ask them to complete the registration form and note this in the comments box.

With much appreciation, State 4-H Field Day Team @ 4hsfd@ucanr.edu.
Steven Worker with Claudia Diaz, Suzanne Morikawa, Jenna Colburn & 4-H State Ambassadors, Kate Lyn Sutherland, Brenda Vales, Curtis Ullerich, Sadie Camacho, Mary Ann Smith, Vera Bullard, Nicole Marshall-Wheeler, Stephanie Barrett, Yu Meng, John Trammell, Dennis Derickson, Dagmar Derickson, Arthur Hinojosa, and Terry Berke. 

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Make a donation to the State 4-H Field Day.

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