California 4-H Virtual State Field Day

Competitions start May 8

Last day of competitions May 22

Virtual Award Ceremony May 23


About State Field Day

The State 4-H Field Day is California 4-H’s largest educational event for 4-H youth members and 4-H volunteers. This event was initiated by a 4-H youth member and 4-H staff partner in 2002 as a public speaking evaluation activity for 100 youth. It has grown to include contests and activities engaging people of all ages. 4-H youth and adult volunteers and staff continue to partner to plan and implement all of the activities and contests.

The goal of the event is to provide a culminating experience for 4-H members in their year-long 4-H education.

State level competitions

4-H members must qualify for state-level competition in public speaking and fashion revue. Other contests, such as Interview Contest, Photography, Video, Plant Science and Robotics, give 4-H members a chance to compete and learn from 4-H competitors from throughout California. This event strengthens a number of important extended learning practices.

New this year

Thanks to our 4-H STEM Advisory Committee, we have two new activities for 4-H members to try out!

4-H Coding Challenge

Open to ALL 4-H members (Primary to Senior members!). The 4-H Coding Challenge lets you show off your coding skills in Storytelling, Game Design, or Free Play. Present your code and get feedback from professional software engineers about your project and what you can explore next. 

4-H STEM Shark Tank

The 4-H STEM Shark Tank Challenge is for 4-H members ages 9 and up: Use your STEM brains to come up with ideas/inventions to solve current global issues: Food Waste, Climate Change, Ocean Conservation, or Air Pollution. Present your inventions to a panel of 4-H Volunteer Sharks (but very friendly sharks, we assure you!)


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Make a donation to the State 4-H Field Day.

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