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4-H Program

This youth development program helps young people discover and develop their potential. It provides an exciting variety of educational and enrichment experiences.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Solving problems and exploring new techniques to improve the productivity of California's food and fiber industries.


The Horticulture Program promotes sound plant health care with an emphasis on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles.

Master Gardeners

Trained volunteers provide advice and support for local gardeners, schools and non-profit organizations.

Sustainable Agriculture

Created to help farmers, ranchers and processors transition to more sustainable practices by providing the Marin County agricultural community with resources for education, marketing, networking and research.

Specialty Crops

This Specialty Crops Program focuses on soil, water, and pest management and strategic crop/variety selection of non-grape fruit and vegetable crop systems. 

Fire Science

Education about the importance of fire within the California ecosystems an working holistically across the landscape with vegetation management and stewardship practices, while adapting the our homes and communities to live with fire through structure hardening and defensible space

Sudden Oak Death

Sudden Oak Death has killed large numbers of oaks and tanoaks in several of California's coastal counties. Cooperative Extension provides practical, research-based information on the diagnosis and management of this disease.