Welcome to UC IPM's Urban & Community Webinar Series!

Join us at noon on the third Thursday of every month to learn about pest identification, prevention, and management around the home, garden, and landscape. 

This series is free and open to the public but advance registration is required. Please share with others who may be interested. No continuing education units (CEUs) are available to licensed professionals. Master Gardeners should check with their program coordinator about credits. 

All webinars will be recorded and posted to our YouTube channel.

Upcoming Webinars
Topics and speakers are subject to change.
June 20, 2024 - Flea Control & Diseases: Starting from Scratch
Fleas are small but mighty insects that are important medical and veterinary pests. They can vector pathogens and parasites, and their bites cause discomfort and irritation. In this webinar you’ll learn how to keep yourself and pets safe from fleas and flea-borne diseases.
July 18, 2024 - Common Wood Decay Fungi in Landscape Trees of California
Trees are a valuable part of our landscapes. However, older trees can harbor wood decay fungi, which can be associated with an increased risk of tree failure or branch breakage. In this webinar, urban forestry expert Igor Lacan will discuss some wood decay fungi that are commonly seen on trees in urban landscapes in California, the effect(s) of fungi on the tree, and related considerations in tree management. 
August 15, 2024 - Back to School Pests
With students heading back to school, now is a good time to talk about pests in schools and childcare centers. In this webinar, Karey Windbiel-Rojas will talk about head lice, bed bugs, rats, cockroaches, and more. We will also cover the use of disinfectant wipes and pesticide safety.
September 19, 2024 - Improving Professional Ant Control Services
In California, the Argentine ant is among the most common nuisance ant species treated by pest management professionals and the general public. In this webinar, you will learn how the university researchers and pest management companies are working together to improve pest ant management in urban residential settings.
October 17, 2024 - Spooky Insects (Halloween special)
With Halloween around the corner, join us for a fun webinar learning about the creepiest insect predators and parasitoids, and blood sucking creatures!
November 21, 2024 - Rat Management 
Want to learn about the latest advances rat management? Join us to hear from rat expert Niamh Quinn on new and effective strategies for managing rats in residential areas and landscapes.
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