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Graduate students

mark dery

Mark Dery

PhD student currently working on bed bug ecology and IPM.



Nicholas Poulos

PhD student currently developing his research on social insects.


Dennis Lee

Shao Hung "Dennis" Lee

PhD student in urban entomology. Co-advised with Dr. Chow-Yang Lee.

Undergraduate students

Maddux Le

Benning Le

Qian Lu

Cebrina Nolan

(Dr. Mike Adams lab; working on Noldus Ethovision in Choe lab since Oct 2017)


Student alumni


Graduate program


Korie Merrill (MS 2015)

Currently Preserve Manager in a local natural lands management.


kevin picture3

Kevin Welzel (PhD 2017)

Currently Sr. Associate in Entomology at a chemical company.



Daniel Perry (MS 2019)

Currently working in a major pest control product manufacture.

Undergraduate program

Brandon Rogers

Jordan Jew

Christine Than

Kasumi Tsai

Carlos Lopez

Carlos Aguero

Amy Nonaka

Christopher An Doan Thie Nguyen 

Jazmin Tamias

Augustine De Villa

Eric Chai

Claudia Vo

Jacob Tarango

Fabian Vazquez  

Mary Ellen Nguyen

Steven Truong

Shao Hung (Dennis) Lee

Michelle Sen

Hoeun (Joyce) Park

Benning Le

Diana Oliva Sierra

Sakshi Gangodkar

Erika Pelayo

Postdoc / staff

Research staff associate


Kathleen Campbell

A general laboratory manager. Kathleen also coordinates our annual UCR Urban Pest Management Conference. 

Contact information

Tel: 951-827-5729



Joyce Park

Hoeun "Joyce" Park

Joyce works on yellowjacket and ant projects. She splits her time between Choe lab and Michael Rust lab. 


Laboratory assistant

Brian Dinh_2_s

Brian Dinh


Postdoc / staff alumni


Jazzae Puyol (Staff Research Associate)


Jia Wei Tay_s

Jia-Wei Tay (Postdoctoral researcher, 2015-2018)

Currently Assistant Professor at University of Hawaii at Manoa.




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