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Research Activities

Current projects (2020 – 2021)

Evaluation of bait station systems for use against subterranean termites in CA

    • Western subterranean termites attacking single-family homes
    • Baits represent reduced-risk alternative to liquid termiticides
    • New systems and approaches have been registered with the state
    • 15 field sites have been established throughout the state
    • Project measures efficacy, cost, and participant satisfaction

Developing baiting programs for yellowjackets at parks, schools, and other sensitive sites

  • Yellowjacket wasps are seasonal outdoor stinging pests, representing nuisance and, rarely, public health concern
  • Ongoing evaluation of bait formulations developed at UC Riverside
  • Baits eliminate entire colonies while minimizing pesticide exposure
  • Several active field sites in Contra Costa County

Developing educational materials and outreach programs to help prevent and manage bed bugs in CA’s multi-unit, low-income housing environments

  • Creation of interactive bilingual online training for tenants
  • Creation of printed bilingual resources for the public at retail pesticide point-of-sale environments (targeting DIY tenants)
  • Development of in-person training programs for housing management professionals and code enforcement officers
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Initial studies of the three-lined cockroach in CA

  • Ongoing monitoring of SF Bay Area populations of Luridiblatta trivittata, the three-lined cockroach, a small invasive nuisance species sometimes misidentified as a public health pest
  • Biological and ecological investigations will help pest management professionals exclude and control this new urban cockroach
  • Ongoing evaluations of bait products and protocols

Curricula development and outreach programs

  • Providing IPM services for schools and child care centers
  • Providing IPM services for multi-unit housing environments
  • Conserving pollinators while managing pests in urban landscapes