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Welcome to the University of California Cooperative Extension of Orange County Water Quality and Water Resources  Outreach Program. This program promotes researched based information with the goal of sustaining and protecting one of our most precious natural resources - water.

In cooperation with our collaborators, learn about urban water management measures and practices such as:

  • current research
  • outreach programs and events
  • available resources for professionals and homeowners

Join in safeguarding human health and local water resources by letting us guide you through better management practices to reduce run-off, conserve water, and improve the water quality generated by urban activities.

Constructed waterway to capture and filter irrigation runoff.

Urban Water Management Blog - BLPS in OC

  • February Is About Safe Pesticide Use - Free Courses

    Added February 17, 2022
    Person wearing full PPE

    To raise awareness of pesticide safety practices, February is celebrated as National Safety Education Month. This year the University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program offers help to refresh your knowledge about safe and...

  • Now Available: New online course

    Added June 17, 2021
    Adult California ground squirrel

    We're pleased to announce that a new online course on managing ground squirrels and pocket gophers has been added to UC IPM's growing library of online training courses. This course consists of eight video segments recorded by Dr. Roger Baldwin, a...

  • Storm Drain vs. Sewer Drain

    Added October 2, 2020

    During the course of our daily lives, most people walk right past storm and sewer drains never giving them much thought. But.. do you actually know the difference between the two and the purpose of each? Check out this article from the...

  • Need DPR CE Hours - Take the Air Blast Sprayer Online Course

    Added September 28, 2020
    Air blast sprayer in walnut orchard

    Time to renew your DPR license? Take a new online course on air blast sprayer calibration —Cheryl Reynolds, UC Statewide IPM Program   We're excited to announce that a brand-new online course on air blast spray calibration is now available....

  • Landscape Plant Irrigation Trials - We want to know your thoughts!

    Added August 6, 2020
    116908846 3106710646077336 4662256171152302372 o

    If you're a landscape or horticultural professional, garden writer or blogger, breeder or a UC Master Gardener, we could use your help on evaluating a research project partially located at UC South Coast Research and Extension...



For current data from the California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS) weather stations visit  the CIMIS web site.

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