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Welcome to the University of California Cooperative Extension of Orange County Water Quality and Water Resources  Outreach Program. This program is designed to promote researched based information on sustaining one of our most precious natural resources - water.

Focusing on "Urban Water Management Measures & Practices", through this site, you will learn about the various research, outreach programs, events, and resources, available in cooperation with the University of California Cooperative Extension in Orange County and it's collaborators.

Join in protecting human health and local water resources by letting us guide you through better management practices to reduce run-off, conserve water, and improve the water quality generated by urban activities.

Install matched precipitation sprinkler nozzles to improve irrigation efficiency.
Install matched precipitation sprinkler nozzles to improve irrigation efficiency.

Urban Water Management Blog - BLPS in OC

  • I didn't plant that....

    Added May 13, 2019
    Jasmine battling myoporum and weeds.

    Thanks to the abundance of rain received this past winter and spring, your landscape may be like mine, flourishing with vegetation that I did not plant. In other words, weeds, plants of no value growing vigorously in my garden, some even choking out...

  • Winter Workshop for Licensed Pest Management Professionals

    Added February 5, 2019
    VPCTargetWinterWorkshop - Anaheim

     From Pests in the Urban Landscape: The Vertebrate Pest Council is hosting a seminar series this year in conjunction with new partner Target Specialty Products. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn about wildlife management of a number...

  • Got Pests? Check out our online resource tool.

    Added February 1, 2019

    Recently chosen as one of the top six online resources for integrated pest management information, UC IPM's website offers solutions for pest issues for both professionals and non-professionals managing pest in the home, on the...

  • Rain is in the forecast...

    Added January 30, 2019
    RainGage Jan2019

    Local weathermen are predicting the possibility of approximately 2" of rain for our area between Thursday and next Monday. If you turned your irrigation on during the recent "dry" spell, be sure to turn the controller off. Be sure to check the...

  • H2OC Stormwater Program - Protecting Our Water Resources

    Added December 5, 2018
    Roof gutter downspout-redirection

    Have you heard the news? The H2OC Stormwater Program has a new website. Representing the (34) cities within Orange County, preventing overwatering is a large part of their mission, but they also work to prevent all runoff issues that...


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For current data from the California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS) weather stations visit  the CIMIS web site.

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