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Watershed U.

Watershed U. - A Watershed-Specific Training Program for Better Watershed Management

Watershed U. is a program designed to train people from local government, non-profit and citizen groups, and business to work together and play effective roles in watershed management, and to become stewards of their streams. Watershed U. enables groups to develop common goals by giving them a background to understand each others' points of view and increasing literacy for effective communication. 

In conducting watershed management, organizations must cross boundaries. They may have competing interests, little knowledge of each other's concerns, and limited communication skills. They often lack a common language. Watershed U. helps stakeholders create that language.

What can Watershed U. do for you?

  • Deliver a training program tailored for your watershed
  • Focus on the most important issues in your watershed
  • Increase understanding : previous Watershed U.'s showed a 100% increase in understanding of watershed issues
  • Improve communication among stakeholders
  • Act as a springboard for stakeholder driven management

Previous Watershed U.'s
Watershed U.  - Ventura River

Watershed U. - Compton Creek

Watershed U. - Santa Clara River

Contact Us

If you are interested in bringing Watershed U. to your southern California community, contact Sabrina Drill, Natural Resources Advisor, atsldrill@ucdavis.edu, 323-260-3404.