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UC People Management Networking Cohort


UC People Management Networking Cohort


UC ANR People Manager,
Do you want to increase:

  1. Employee retention,
  2. Team building & collaboration,
  3. Productivity and work quality,
  4. Professional communication skills,
  5. Morale, and
  6. A healthy work culture?

Yes? Then join us for great monthly conversations that will help you build the skills necessary to transform your team/employee.

The UC People Management Networking Cohort is comprised of a group of UC ANR People Managers who are working on completing the UC Performance Management Series Certificate  (via UC Learning Center). Comprised of 11 required modules and 4 elective modules, each module takes from 15 to 45 minutes. (Browse course titles and codes here)

We meet for a facilitated call once/month for 10 months at a preset day/time to share:

  • Tools used from the UC People Management course and how they are affecting positive change
  • Guidance for challenges or issues in engagement, productivity, or communication
  • Homework assignments from the course

People who complete the ONLINE course by June 2020 will be eligible to apply for funds to attend the third annual UC People Management Conference in August 2020! See the conference website.