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Basics of Rose Care - February 11, 2018 in Felton


Come join UC Master Gardener Dawn Avery in our UCCE Demonstration Garden for a “Basics of Rose Care” class. She will talk about summer and winter pruning, watering, mulching and fertilizing, followed by a discussion of rose disorders. Bring your gloves and clippers for a hands on rose pruning demonstration. Do you have potted roses that need some TLC? Bring them too, and Dawn will show you how to prune for health and vigor. The first half of the class is held in the auditorium. Rain cancels outdoor demonstration that follows.

A pruning job is only as good as the health of the tool you use. Work smarter, not harder…..a dull tool makes you work harder and it is not good for the plant. A 20 minute overview on sharpening and maintaining the longevity of your pruning tools will be demonstrated by UC Master Gardener Ernest Franco.

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