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2018 - 2019 Outreach Methods Documentation


Please describe the efforts your club has made to recruit new members and adult volunteers from your community, including under-represented groups and attach documentation. Be specific. For example, if a school presentation was made, list the date(s) of the presentation(s), number of times the presentation was given and any pertinent comments.

All clubs are required to demonstrate outreach efforts in at least three of the first four outreach methods listed below. For assistance, call your UCCE county office. To document your club’s outreach efforts send copies of flyers, newspaper articles, media releases and lists of personal contacts made to this form. Give a copy of this information to your UCCE county office.

Alameda and Contra Costa County Contact
Cheryl Fraser
4-H Program Representative
510-567-6886 or
UCCE Alameda County
224 W. Winton Avenue, #134
Hayward, CA 94544 

Club Information

Outreach Information

Thank you for entering your information and helping promote 4-H in your community. Please upload flyers used, photos taken, newspaper articles or anything else that you used during your outreach.

Cheryl Fraser
4-H Program Representative