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2020-2021 Humboldt County 4-H Ambassador Intern Application


Representing 4-H as a County Ambassador is the highest 4-H Youth Development honor attainable at the County level. The Ambassador Intern Program is designed to give youth an opportunity to increase their leadership skills and participate with the Ambassador Team beginning their freshman year of high school. This position allows a youth to observe and participate in the responsibilities of an Ambassador and assist with the activities of the Ambassador Team. It is considered a working position, which is not a prerequisite toward achieving the honor of County Ambassador. Any high school youth in 4-H that is working toward becoming an Ambassador may apply to become a County Ambassador Intern.

An Ambassador Intern needs to exhibit the same qualities as a County Ambassador:
1. Demonstrate leadership ability, citizenship concern, and maturity of judgment.
2. Have a strong interest in continuing in 4-H programs for at least one additional year.
3. Present specific ideas on ways to give guidance and leadership to some area of 4-H Youth Development.
4. Make a commitment to expand the social and cultural boundaries of the County 4-H Youth Development Program.
5. Cooperate with fellow Ambassadors and Interns for the growth and development of 4-H within the county.
6. Recognize the opportunities and responsibilities of being selected as a County Ambassador Intern and serve as an excellent role model for younger members.
7. Function as a public relations agent for the Humboldt County 4-H Youth Development Program.

County Ambassador Interns are encouraged to attend the Area Youth Summits, the State Leadership Conference and other Leadership and Citizenship conferences.

To be eligible to apply as a County Ambassador Intern, a 4-H member must:
1. Be at least a Freshman in High School;
2. Have completed at least one year in 4-H;
3. Be currently enrolled and in good standing in 4-H.

1. Complete the Ambassador Intern Resume.
2. Submit a letter of introduction stating in 100 words or less, typed, double-spaced why you would like to be an Ambassador Intern. This letter should relate your leadership skills and potential, concern for the community and others around you, and your ability to make good, sound judgments. You may include 4-H, educational, employment and community/social group experiences.
3. Read and sign the Ambassador Intern ContractClick link to access contract.
4. Submit one Ambassador Intern Reference Form; this must be a 4-H leader (nonrelative). Click link to access reference form.
5. All documents must be received in the County 4-H Office by the set deadline in order to be considered for an Ambassador Intern interview. Documents can either be uploaded to the survey or delivered to the 4-H Office.
6. Appear for an interview with the County 4-H Leadership Committee on the agreed date and time.
7. The recommendations and decisions of the Humboldt County Leadership Committee are final.

County Ambassador Intern Resume

Directions: For each 4-H activity, indicate the year(s) of involvement and describe your leadership role (if any). List each activity only once. 

Please upload your Letter of Introduction, Ambassador Contract, School Transcripts and 1 Ambassador Intern Reference Form below. You also have the option to drop these off at the County 4-H Office prior to the application deadline.