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Don Hagland Memorial Air Rifle Match

Air Rifle Match Information

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Tri-County 16th Annual Don Haglund Memorial Air Rifle Match

Saturday March 4, 2017

2017 DHMM Announcement

2017 Haglund Registration Form

Haglund Shoot Leaders Meeting 2016 - 2017

Parent - Voulinteer List 2017
BB Sight In Target Sign-Up Sheet
Air Rifle Sight In Target Sign-up Sheet
Range Day List for Leader and Member
Range Day List-Organizing Committee
Range Officer Duties and Procedures

  Check in 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Sight In 8:15 to 8:45 a.m. --- Match begins 9:00 a.m.


Location: Stanislaus County Sheriffs Canine Training Center.

Hackett Road off Crows Landing Road, Modesto


 Match Information: 3 Position Match Air Rifle target and 5 meter B-B gun target.


Scoring: NRA Sporter Air Rifle rules will govern the match.


NRA B-B gun rules will govern the match.


 In case of cross fire or miss-fire Range Master must be notified immediately.


Disqualification Statement:

Qualified 4 - H Shooting Sports Project Participants in good standing may only enter one of the 4 classes.



Registration fee $15.00 per entry.


Awards: Awards given by one trophy for every three participating members in each classification.

One Match winner + (Daisy Air Rifle)

One High Score B-B Gun

One High Score Air Rifle

One Club Trophy for High 3 Member Team + (Daisy B-B Gun)

Each member of the team will also receive a High Team trophy

 All participants will receive a “Match T -shirt”


High 3 man team award Individual and Team (club) awards will be awarded Classes:

9 - 10 years Beginner B-B gun

11 and above Intermediate B-B gun

 9 - 13 years Junior Air Rifle

14 - 19 years Senior Air Rifle


Pre Registration forms will be delivered to each clubs Project Leader by January 15th. Hand delivered with entry fees or Via e-mail.


Members list by Class and with shirt size is due at January 21st 4-H Shooting Sports Leaders Meeting.


Each Club’s Registration forms will be presented at the County Shooting Sports Leaders Meeting February 18th, when we will make out the score cards, relays, and targets by relays.


Contact your Shooting Sports Leader for additional information.



 Range Rules:

1 - All NRA Sporter Air Rifle Position Rules and NRA B-B gun Rules apply.

2 - Eye protection is required for all shooters and family members

3 - Parents & guests must remain behind Range boundaries.

4 - Shooters are not allowed in Scoring Area.


Grounds / Range Rules for 2014: With the number of participants we will not be able to have every Club set up inside the Training Area. Clubs will set up their Canopies and rest areas outside the Training Area.

** Inside the Training Area each Club will have room to set up a “Safe Area” with one 10’X10’ or 12”X12” canopy for all Air Rifles, B-B Guns, pellets, B-B’s, Safety Glasses & range equipment. One Club Leader will be in charge of this “Safe Area”.


---------------------------        ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Range Commands:


Cease Fire” - If you hear a whistle blow inside the Firing Range you must stop whatever you are doing IMMEDIATELY.  Shooters on the line will place their rifle in a safe position, on the ground or in a rack.


Miss-fire/Cross fire” if you have a problem on the firing line, step back and raise your hand, a Firing Line Range Officer (RO) will assist you.  In case of cross fire or miss-fire, the head “Range Master” must be notified immediately by the Firing Line R.O.


Match will be shot beginning with the standing position, then the sitting position, followed by the prone position.  The following time limits will apply:


                                    Standing         15 minutes for 10 shots

                                    Sitting               10 minutes for 10 shots

                                    Prone               10 minutes for 10 shots





Any Disqualification on the day of the match will end that shooter’s participation in the match.


Competitors on the firing line and their spotters must control the muzzle direction of their air rifles at all times. Failure to do so may be cause for disqualification. This includes loading for the competitor, moving into position, handing the air rifle to your spotter, handing the air rifle to the competitor, etc…


Competitors and spotters on the firing line must conduct themselves in appropriate discipline, no talking, joking, bothering other competitors, etc…


(If you DQ you are done for the day).


This is an ALL DAY EVENT so bring your necessities, lunch, drinks, etc… For more information please contact your 4-H Leader or call Dan Mello, Match Director at 634-2170.

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