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4-H Tooter Newsletter

Issue What's inside Type Date Added
September 2014

Project and Club News, save the date for Community Dinner, Concours d'Elegance, National 4-H Week Activities and more!

PDF 8/29/14
August 2014

Officer Training, Achievement Night, Concours d'Elegance, State, Club and Project News, etc. 

PDF 7/31/14
June 2014

Camp, Record Books, Mother Lode Fair, Officer Training, Fashion Revue Results, County Council Information, State, Club and Project News

PDF 5/30/14
May 2014

Fashion Revue, Record Book, Mother Lode Fair and other information for May of 2014

PDF 4/30/14
April 2014

Information about summer camp, record books, Fashion Revue and other upcoming events. 

PDF 3/31/14
March 2014

Information about Volunteer Development Day, Hi 4-H Breakfast, Fashion Revue, State 4-H News, Fair Information, Club and Project News and more!

PDF 2/28/14
February 2014

Information about Hi 4-H Pancake Breakfast, Livestock Field Day, Everything but Animals Day, Presentation Day and other upcoming activities

PDF 1/31/14
January 2014

Junior Counselors Needed for camp (deadline extended, cost reduced)

SET Training 

Livestock Loan application

PDR corner

Club & Project News


Presentation Day

PDF 12/20/13
Special Community Dinner Edition

Everything you need to know about the Community Dinner!

PDF 12/9/13
December 2013 Tooter
  • Town Hall Meeting Announcement
  • Camp 
  • SLC
  • SMRC Dinner
  • Focus Trips
  • State News
  • Club News
  • Project News
  • Achievement Night Results
PDF 11/22/13
November 2013

Upcoming events, conferences and leadersip opportunities, Camp Leadership Recruitment and more!

PDF 10/30/13
October 2013

"Town Hall" Meeting, Haunted House, Achievement Night, Club and Project News

PDF 9/28/13
September 2013

A Note from Sandra, Achievement Night, PM Club Leadership Opportunities, Concours d'Elegance, Sectional Leaders Council, LCORT, National Shooting Sports Institute Report, 4-H Week Baby, Recruitment Event, Countywide Fundraiser Extended, Small Animal Livestock Association, Teen Retreat, State Office News, Club News, Countywide Project News, 4-H Council Information, Calendar of Events

PDF 8/29/13
August 2013

Enrollment Information, County Fundraiser Information, Magic of the Night, Science Education Team, PM Club Outreach, Summer Camp 2014, Countywide Project News and More!--Please note the correct date for Magic of the Night is FRIDAY, August 9th.

PDF 7/30/13
July 2013

New Teen Opportunities

Motherlode Fair News

Club News

State 4-H Office News

PDF 6/28/13
June 2013

Leaders Council Information, Fashion Revue Results, Record Book, Livestock Field Day, AATCA Volunteers Needed, Scholarship Results, Motherlode Fair News, State 4-H News, Club News (including End of the Year Party Info.), Project News--

Important Note--the original posting of the June issue listed the incorrect date for the Cloverbuds meeting--please not that the correct date for the meeting is June 11th.

PDF 5/31/13
May 2013

Diamond Clover Awards, Rodeo Booth, County Record Books, Fashion Revue, Livestock Field Day, Horse Level Testing, State Leadership Conference, Mother Lode Fair, Small Animal Association Information, State 4-H News, Bowl-a-Thon, Club and Project News

PDF 4/29/13
April 2013

New Program Representative, State 4-H News, Club News, Project News, All-Star and Leadership Team application information

PDF 3/27/13
March 2013 Tooter

A note from the 4-H office, County Presentation Day, Hi 4-H Breakfast and flier, Horse Leases for Fair, Mother Lode Fair Pre-Weighs, County Fashion Revue.

Everything but Animals Day Results, State 4-H News.

Club News, Countywide Project News, Calendar of Events, PDR Corner for record books.

PDF 3/1/13
February 2013 Tooter

Note from the 4-H Office, Everything But Animals Day, Livestock Loans Deadline, Volunteer Development Day, County Presentation Day, Hi 4-H Pancake Breakfast, Horse Leases for Fair, Fair Pre-weighs, Small Livestock Association, County Fashion Revue, New Project!

Community Dinner Results, State 4-H News, Club News, Project News, Calendar of Events.

PDF 1/29/13
January 2013 Tooter

Community Dinner & Cake Auction, Community Service Project, A note from the 4-H Office, Livestock Loans, New Project!  Calaveras Presentation Day, Everything But Animals Field Day, County Presentation Day, Volunteer Development Day - Save the date!

State 4-H News, Club News, Countywide Projects, Calendar of Events, Achievement Night Results.

PDF 12/21/12
Community Dinner Special Edition

All details concerning the January 19th Community Dinner!

PDF 12/13/12
December 2012 Tooter

Staff updates, holiday closures, Community Dinner, LCORT

PDF 11/30/12
November 2012 Tooter

Community Dinner information, State 4-H news, club & project news.

PDF 11/5/12
October 2012 Tooter

Contents include: Achievement Night, Hi 4-H Haunted House, National 4-H Week, Enrollment Deadlines, Club & Project News.

PDF 10/5/12
September 2012 Tooter

1st club & project meeting information, Teen Retreat registration forms, Achievement Night, Ironstone Concours d'Elegance and enrollment help.

PDF 9/6/12
August 2012 Tooter

Welcome back!  Returning members and new members and leaders information.  Enrollment help, financial assistance for enrollment fees.  Upcoming events.  Community club news and information, including new projects.  Countywide projects.

PDF 7/30/12
June 2012 Tooter

Fair info, end of the year events, important club & project news. Please Note: There will be no Tooter published in July. The Tooter will resume in August.

PDF 6/6/12
May 2012 Tooter PDF 5/3/12
April 2012 Tooter

Coming events, PDR Corner, Fashion Revue entry forms.

PDF 4/9/12
March 2012 Tooter

Coming events, Fashion Revue entry forms, Hembree Family Fundraiser, State Updates.

PDF 3/6/12
February 2012 Tooter PDF 2/4/12
January 2012

Important Community Dinner Information, Coming Events & State 4-H Updates.

PDF 1/6/12
December 2011 Tooter

Holiday news, Community Dinner information and coming events.

PDF 12/7/11
November 2011 Tooter

Information on Achievement Night, Community Dinner and other upcoming events. Happy Thanksgiving!

PDF 11/4/11
October 2011 Tooter

Inside this issue of the Tooter you will find information on Teen Retreat, the Drive-Thru Dinner, Haunted House and other upcoming events.

PDF 10/4/11
Teen Retreat Registration

Attached please find the Teen Retreat Registration Forms. Teen Retreat will be held October 8th and 9th at 3 Links Camp (above Sierra Village on Hwy 108). Retreat is open to all Tuolumne County 4-H members 6th grade and above. More information will be available at your first club meetings. Registration forms payment are due to the 4-H Office by Friday, September 30th. Please call Jennifer Alderson, 4-H Program Manager, at 533-6990 with any questions.

PDF 9/8/11
September 2011 Tooter

The September 2011 edition of the Tooter Newsletter has now been posted. Inside you will find information on 4-H enrollment, Tooter subscriptions & coming events. Please call or email Jennifer Alderson, 4-H Program Manager, with any questions at (209)533-6990 or

PDF 9/2/11
June 2011 Tooter PDF 7/28/11
May 2011 Tooter PDF 7/28/11
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