4-H Brand

Welcome to the California 4-H Brand Toolkit! This toolkit is designed to share branding resources with 4-H professionals and 4-H volunteers in California. Our goal is to maintain a consistent 4-H brand identity throughout the University of California 4-H Youth Development Program.

Using the 4-H Name and Emblem

Using the 4-H name and emblem requires proper authorization. Please see the California 4-H policy on authorization for use of the 4-H emblem in California.


4-H Emblem

4-H emblem - green
The four-leaf clover is the official 4-H emblem.

The 4-H name and emblem is a federal mark with protections and standards that exceed that of trademarks and copyrights, like the Presidential Seal.

All uses of the 4-H name and emblem must follow the USDA guide for proper use of the name and emblem.


Using the 4-H Name

When using the term "4-H" it is to be written as the numeral "4" separated from a capital "H" with a hyphen.


  • Most style manuals will specify not to start a sentence with a numeral; try not to start a sentence with "4-H".
  • The elements of the 4-H name should not be separated at the end of sentences.
  • The 4-H emblem may NOT be used in place of the word "4-H".
  • The 4-H emblem may NOT be used to replace an individual letter within a word.

TIP: You can also refer to 4-H youth as "4-H'ers". Always use an apostrophe after "4-H" when this is used.