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The mission of the UC California Naturalist Program is to foster a diverse community of naturalists and promote stewardship of California's natural resources through education and service. 

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Posted 10 hours ago
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Wonderful article by Nomtipom Wintu ethnobotanist, Certified Medical Herbalist, and fellow California Naturalist Sage LaPena (Inland Mendocino 2013). We've been fortunate to learn from Sage in class, and when she's come to later classes and the CalNat 2014 conference to teach. "Whether you live on the Pacific coast or Sierra Nevada, desert or temperate rainforest, there is much for the student to discover. California’s diversity of Tribes and how far and wide they are spread proves the availability of food and medicine. These things are still available to us today, ready to be explored and unearthed from memory. As you explore your environment remember that this is tribal land, that tribes deserve respect, that positive identification of plants and other living things is absolutely important. The science of TEK is place-based. The stories of the rocks and trees belong where they sprang from the earth. Learn your land; it is part of you."

Posted 4 days ago
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We tallied your #CalNat2016 nominations for the 2016 service pin and we're announcing a winner: Stagmomantis californica, the California mantis! In exchange for logging at least 40 service hours in the 2016 calendar year, certified California Naturalists will receive a beautiful service pin as our thank you. The art is being finalized and we'll share soon! Learn more about this fascinating insect at Reminder e-mails are forthcoming with more details, but if you're having issues logging in, try the help page: or e-mail with your name and the program you graduated from. Please remember to update your mailing address in the portal!

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New UC Green Blog: Feeling welcome in nature is essential to caring and wanting to learn more. #CalNat2016 conference summary. 

Hot off the press: “Evaluating environmental education, citizen science, and stewardship through naturalist programs” examines data from California and Virginia naturalist programs to understand participant motivations, barriers, and perspectives as well as the actions they take to advance science, stewardship, and community engagement. 

New California Agriculture article on CalNat Director Adina Merenlender: Building a new mode of extension for biodiversity conservation

Time's Flaming Arrow: Read about journalist Mary Ellen Hannibal's CalNat immersion experience in the HuffPost Green Blog.


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