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September 2017

UC ANR and AgStart receive $500,000 to cultivate the VINE

The Verde Innovation Network for Entrepreneurship will connect entrepreneurs statewide to resources to commercialize a new product or start a business.

California is constantly being challenged by pest invasions, obesity, labor shortages, water scarcity, food insecurity, climate change and more. To accelerate the development and adoption of technologies that address these challenges and advance food,...

Names in the News

Chelsey Slattery

Slattery rejoins UCCE in Butte County  Chelsey Slattery rejoined UC Cooperative Extension on Sept. 18, 2017, as an area nutrition, family, and consumer sciences advisor in Butte County. From 2013 to 2016, Slattery was a UCCE community education...

UC ANR Staff Assembly Updates

Senior delegate Jeannette Warnert, left, and junior delegate LeChé McGill represented UC ANR staff at the Council of UC Staff Assemblies meeting in San Diego.

Ambassadors Meeting The UC ANR Staff Assembly Council will hold a Staff Assembly Ambassadors meeting at the ANR Building in Davis on Oct. 10. The engagement will provide an opportunity for ambassadors to visit and network with colleagues and...

Carbon Neutrality Initiative fellows seek to reduce our carbon footprint

Carmen Tubbesing

UC Berkeley doctoral candidates Jose Daniel Lara, Allegra Mayer and Carmen Tubbesing, UC ANR's Carbon Neutrality Initiative (CNI) fellows for 2017-18, are studying new sources of renewable energy and strategies to cut carbon emissions. The UC...

ANR Global Food Initiative fellows take aim at food insecurity and obesity

Kristal Caballero

Three University of California students have been selected by UC ANR as Global Food Initiative (GFI) fellows for 2017-18. UC Berkeley graduate students Kristal Caballero, Elsbeth Sites and Sonya Zhu are the GFI fellows who will work with ANR...

New travel reimbursement rates effective Oct. 15

New reimbursement rates are coming in mid-October for lodging and meals for UC business travel, the UC Office of the President announced last week. Lodging reimbursement within the lower 48 states will be capped at $275 per day, before taxes and...

NIFA to hold listening session in Sacramento Nov. 2

NIFA wants to hear U

What should be a priority in food and agriculture research, extension or education? The National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) at the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is seeking stakeholder input on the emerging needs and opportunities...

REC System director Lisa Fischer reflects on strengths and potential of the research and extension centers as she retires

Lisa Fischer

After a nearly 30-year career that took her from the U.S. Forest Service to director of UC ANR's Research and Extension Center system, Lisa Fischer is retiring. Her last day is Sept. 30. Darren Haver will serve as interim associate director through the...

Storm-water runoff study planned for ANR’s backyard

In addition to the storm-water runoff project, the 3031 Second St. site will add 92 full-sized, paved parking spaces and 40 parking spaces on gravel to the existing 96 spaces at 2801 Second St.

Construction of a new parking lot for the ANR building in Davis is providing an opportunity for UC ANR to demonstrate science at the site by integrating an ongoing water-quality research project. The research project on the recently purchased 10 acres...

UCCE in Merced establishes an endowment to fund future ag programming

The growing popularity of crowd funding got UC Cooperative Extension advisor David Doll thinking. “By everybody giving a little, you can get a lot,” he said. “We can do the same thing.” Doll mulled over the idea for a few years,...

ANR develops cost-recovery strategy to improve REC facilities

UC ANR leadership is proud of its outstanding network of nine Research and Extension Centers across the state. Including academic salaries and temporary funding, UC ANR invests close to $14 million annually in the REC system. We are committed to...

Your input requested for condition changes

Wendy Powers

As part of the current effort to align our work such that we are best positioned to achieve the 2025 Strategic Vision, a group of UC ANR academics have drafted condition changes that are now in need of your review and feedback. Condition changes are...

Open Enrollment posters available for download

OpenEnrollment poster

The University of California's Open Enrollment for benefits this year will be Oct. 26 through Nov. 21. Posters about Open Enrollment can be downloaded from the Box folder available at this link:...

Apply for Strategic Initiative leader positions by Nov. 6

ANR academics are invited to apply for Strategic Initiative leader positions, which play key roles in advocating, convening and communicating to strengthen UC ANR's research and outreach agenda. Given the evolving role of the UC ANR Strategic...

Desert REC and UCCE Imperial County taken by storm

A thunderstorm on Sept. 8 downed trees and flooded the property around the UC Cooperative Extension office in Imperial County and Desert Research and Extension Center.

UC Desert Research and Extension Center in Holtville and the neighboring UC Cooperative Extension office for Imperial County were hit by a severe thunderstorm on Friday, Sept. 8.    "Many trees are down,"...

Learning and development update

Programmatic Orientation

Programmatic Orientation to be held Oct. 17-19 UCANR's Programmatic Orientation will be held Oct. 17-19 at Hopland Research and Extension Center (HREC), located at 4070 University Road, Hopland, CA 95449. Programmatic Orientation is designed to help...

Youtsey testifies on rural broadband for Assembly committees

UC ANR Chief Innovation Officer Gabe Youtsey, far right, testifies before Rep. Anna Caballero (blue jacket), staffer Peter Ansel, and Rep. Monique Limón. Photo by Anne Megaro

Even as the digital revolution has changed the world, there are thousands of California residents in rural areas that do not have an internet connection adequate for engaging in modern technology. With offices in all California counties and...

UC ANR, CropMobster TV partner to share inspiring stories of ag innovation and food system

Using a mobile phone and selfie stick, CropMobster’s Nicky Bobby interviews Sacramento high school students about their start-up: Sangre del Dragón Hot Sauce company.

Most consumers' first encounter with their food is in a grocery store or on a plate served in a restaurant, and they give little thought to how the food got there. To learn what goes on before food becomes a meal, CropMobster Nick "Nicky...

Public relations pro tip: The letter to the editor

UC Agriculture and Natural Resources academics are often asked for interviews as expert sources in the news media. Serving in this capacity is an excellent way to share research-based information with the public and reinforce the important work done by...


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