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UCCE Master Gardeners of Sacramento County

Master Gardener Training

The UCCE Master Gardeners of Sacramento County are not currently accepting applications.  A training program is not scheduled for January 2017. Please routinely check this website for updates.

September, 2016

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Trainees practice identification techniques during a classroom session.  Field trips, displays and hands-on activities supplement lectures given by UC Advisors and local experts.


How do I qualify to be a Sacramento County Master Gardener trainee? Applicants must be residents of Sacramento County. This Master Gardener program is administered by the Sacramento County Cooperative Extension office. If you are not a Sacramento County resident, contact your local Cooperative Extension office for training information.

A  history of volunteering in the community and basic horticulture knowledge are the main qualifications we look for in applicants.  The volunteer activities do not need to be horticulture-related.

Who teaches the classes and what will I learn? All classes are taught by University specialists, horticulture advisors, and community experts. Topics include:

  • introduction to horticulture
  • soil
  • water and fertilizer management
  • ornamentals and drought tolerant plants
  • turf management
  • landscape trees
  • planting and maintenance
  • introduction to insects
  • integrated pest management
  • water quality
  • home vegetable gardening
  • plant disease diagnosis
  • weed identification and management
  • home orchards
  • fruit and nut trees
  • small fruits and grapevines
  • volunteerism
  • diagnosing garden and landscape problems

Is there a fee charged for the training classes? The fee is about $165.00.

What happens after I graduate and become a Master Gardener? After attending all class sessions, and all the weekly quizzes and final exam are completed, trainees receive a graduation certificate. New Master Gardeners are required to contribute fifty hours of community volunteer work during the next twelve months. Every year thereafter, twenty-five hours of volunteer activity is required.

UCCE approved volunteer opportunities are available for Master Gardeners to extend University research based information to the gardening community in Sacramento County. Volunteer activities include conducting workshops, diagnosing plant problems, and speaking to community groups. We also dispense advice over the phone and with social and mass media. Each year twelve hours of continuing education is also required.

For additional information call the UC Cooperative Extension office at 916-876-5338.

UC Cooperative Extension Office Hours:
Monday through Thursday: 9:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

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