Laura K. Snell

County Director and Livestock & Natural Resources Advisor
Cooperative Extension Modoc County
202 West 4th Street
Alturas, CA 96101
(530)233-6400 Create VCard


M.S. Agronomy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2012
B.S. Water Science, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 2009


  • Pacific Southwest Region and Research Station Honor Award
    Presented by USDA,  2021


Rangeland Ecology/Management


Livestock & Natural Resources

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Peer Reviewed

  • Snell, Laura K (In Press). Partnerships Create Success for the Devil's Garden Wild Horses. Human-Wildlife Interactions.T. Messmer.
  • Macon, DK; Snell, LK; Lile, DF (In Press). Protecting Cattle from Predators. Cow-Calf Management guide and cattle producer's library. Western Beef Resource Committee.
  • Little, Janyne M.; Lile, David F.; Snell, Laura K.; Roche, Leslie M (In Press). Rapid User Guide: Post-Fire Grazing on California’s Intermountain Rangelands.W. Stewart. UC Agriculture and Natural Resources.
  • Snell, Laura K (2022). Opportunities for Local Partnerships in Managing Free Roaming Equids (Abstract). Proceedings, 30th Vertebrate Pest Conference.D. Woods. UC Agriculture and Natural Resources. December 12.
  • Frey, S. Nicole; Scasta, J. Derek; Beck, Jeffrey L.; Singletary, Loretta; Snell, Laura K. (2022). Public Knowledge of Free-Roaming Horses in the United States. Proceedings, 30th Vertebrate Pest Conference.D. Woods. UC Agriculture and Natural Resources. December 20.
  • Snell, L. K, & Baldwin, R. A. (2020). Current Trends and Management of Wild Horses on the Devil’s Garden Plateau. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference, 29.

  • Macon, DK; Lile, DF; Koopmann Rivers, C; Schohr, T; Snell, LK; Harper, J; Ingram, R; Rodrigues, K; Baldwin, RA; Saitone, T; Macaulay, L; Roche, L (2019). Direct and indirect impacts to ranchers from wolves and other predators: Building a baseline in California. Proceedings of the Vertebrate Pest Conference.D. Woods. 29, 74-76.
  • Baldwin, R.A.; Halbritter, H.; Meinerz, R.; Snell, L.K.; Orloff, S.B. (2019). Efficacy and nontarget impact of zinc phosphide-coated cabbage as a ground squirrel management tool. Pest Management Science. 75, 1847-1854. January 10.
  • Snell, Laura K. (2019). Monument Plant (Frasera speciosa). Grasslands.W. Brim-DeForest. California Native Grasslands Association. 29:4, 10-11.
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  • Oles, Kristin M.; Weixelman, Dave A.; Lile, David F.; Tate, Kenneth W.; Snell, Laura K.; Roche, Leslie M. (2017). Riparian Meadow Response to Modern Conservation Grazing Management. Environmental Management. 60, 383-395. June 2.
  • Snell, L. K.; Guretzky, J. A.; Jin, V. L.; Drijber, R. A.; Mamo, M. (2017). Ruminant Urine Increases Uptake but Decreases Relative Recovery of Nitrogen by Smooth Bromegrass. Crop, Forage, and Turfgrass Management. 3:1. February 23.

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