Clarissa A. Reyes

Orchard Systems Advisor
Cooperative Extension Sutter-Yuba Counties
142A Garden Highway
Yuba City, CA 95991-5512
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Also in:
Butte County
Placer-Nevada Counties



MS Horticulture & Agronomy, UC Davis. 2021
BS General Biology, UC San Diego. 2009


Plant Physiology


Plant-water relations, drought physiology; walnut, peach, kiwifruit

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Peer Reviewed

  • Hasey, J.; Milliron, L.; Beumel, C.; Reyes, C.; Brannon, B.; Lampinen, B. (In Press). Growth of tall, unpruned bare rooted Chandler walnut trees on clonal Paradox VX211, RX1, and Vlach rootstock. IX International Symposium on Walnut and Pecan.
  • Hasey, J.; Milliron, L.; Fichtner, E.; Elkins, R.; Lampinen, B.; Reyes, C.; Lightle, D.; Leslie, C.; McClean, A.; Browne, G.; Kluepfel, D (In Press). Horticultural field performance of new putative resistant walnut rootstock genotypes compared to seedling Paradox and standard clonal Paradox rootstocks. IX International Symposium on Walnut and Pecan.
  • Reyes, C.; Milliron, L.; Duncan, R.; Vasquez-Mendoza, J.; Fulton, A.; Shackel, K. (In Press). Mild to moderately high thresholds for the start of irrigation in spring reduced yield and achieved minimal water savings in California almonds. X International Symposium on Irrigation of Horticultural Crops.
  • Reyes, C; Milliron, L.; Fulton, A.; Buchner, R. (2022). Clonal ‘Paradox’ rootstock comparison on ‘Howard’ walnut in California’s Northern Sacramento Valley. Acta Hortic. 1346, 641-646.
  • Cuneo, IF; Barrios-Masias, F; Knipfer, T; Uretsky, J; Reyes, C; Lenain, P; Brodersen, CR; Walker, MA; McElrone, AJ (2021). Differences in grapevine rootstock sensitivity and recovery from drought are linked to fine root cortical lacunae and root tip function. New Phytologist. 229:1, 272-283.
  • Reingwirtz, I; Uretsky, J; Cuneo, IF; Knipfer, T; Reyes, C; Walker, MA; McElrone, AJ (2021). Inherent and stress-induced responses of fine root morphology and anatomy in commercial grapevine rootstocks with contrasting drought resistance. Plants. 10:6, 1121.
  • Ingel, B; Reyes, C; Massonnet, M; Boudreau, B; Sun, Y; Sun, Q; McElrone, AJ; Cantu, D; Roper, M Caroline (2021). Xylella fastidiosa causes transcriptional shifts that precede tylose formation and starch depletion in xylem. Molecular Plant Pathology. 22:2, 175-188.
  • Knipfer, T; Reyes, C; Momayyezi, M; Brown, PJ; Kluepfel, D; McElrone, AJ (2020). A comparative study on physiological responses to drought in walnut genotypes (RX1, Vlach, VX211) commercially available as rootstocks. Trees. 34, 665–678.
  • Knipfer, T; Reyes, C; Earles, J Mason; Berry, Z Carter; Johnson, D M; Brodersen, CR; McElrone, AJ (2019). Spatiotemporal coupling of vessel cavitation and discharge of stored xylem water in a tree sapling. Plant Physiology. 179:4, 1658-1668.
  • Earles, J Mason; Knipfer, T; Tixier, A; Orozco, J; Reyes, C; Zwieniecki, Maciej A; Brodersen, CR; McElrone, AJ (2018). In vivo quantification of plant starch reserves at micrometer resolution using X-ray micro CT imaging and machine learning. New Phytologist. 218:3, 1260-1269.
  • Knipfer, T; Cuneo, IF; Earles, J Mason; Reyes, C; Brodersen, CR; McElrone, AJ (2017). Storage compartments for capillary water rarely refill in an intact woody plant. Plant Physiology. 175, 1649-1660.

Non-Peer Reviewed

  • Reyes, C.; Michelaides, T. (2023). 2023 brown apical necrosis (BAN) and late-season walnut blight. Sacramento Valley Walnut Newsletter. 2023-10-19.
  • Smith, E.; Niederholzer, F.; Jarvis-Shean, K.; Milliron, L.; Reyes, C. (2023). Be Careful with Almond Variety-Rootstock Selection. Sacramento Valley Almond Newsletter.
  • Gordon, P.; Lampinen, B.; Milliron, L.; Duncan, R.; Lightle, D.; Connell, J. (2023). Early results from an almond cultivar trial in California’s Central Valley. VIII International Symposium on Almonds and Pistachios.
  • Hasey, J.; Reyes, C. (2023). May Walnut Tasks. Pacific Nut Producer.
  • Reyes, C. (2023). Peach harvest timing. Sacramento Valley Peach Newsletter.
  • Pierce, C.; Reyes, C. (2023). Plant cover crops now to prepare for another wet winter. Sacramento Valley Almond Newsletter. 2023-09-12.
  • Edwards, E.; Reyes, C.; Gal, A.; Thomas, J.; Knowles, J.; Wong, C.; Milliron, L.; Magney, T.; Nocco, M. (2023). Remote Sensing Water Status in Perennial Agroecosystems using SI. American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting. 2023-08-01.
  • Reyes, C.; Ott, N.J. (2023). Walnut Management Considerations - Budbreak through Early Summer. Sacramento Valley Walnut Newsletter.

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