Tapan B. Pathak

Specialist in Climate Adaptation in Ag
UC Merced - Sierra Nevada Research Institute
5200 N. Lake Road
Merced, CA 95343
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Ph.D. Agricultural Engineering, University of Florida. 2010
M.S. Irrigation Engineering, Utah State University. 2004
B.S. Agricultural Engineering, Gujarat Agricultural University. 2000


  • Leadership Award
    Presented by California Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN),  2019


Applied climate in agriculture

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Peer Reviewed

  • Jagannathan K, Pathak TB and Doll D (2023) Are long-term climate projections useful for on-farm adaptation decisions? Front. Clim. 4:1005104. doi: 10.3389/fclim.2022.1005104

  • Johnson, D.; Parker, L.E.; Pathak, T.B.; Crothers, L.; Ostoja, S.M. Technical Assistance Providers Identify Climate Change Adaptation Practices and Barriers to Adoption among California Agricultural Producers. Sustainability 2023, 15, 5973. https://doi.org/10.3390/su15075973

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  • Prakash Kumar Jha, Ning Zhang, Jhalendra P. Rijal, Lauren E. Parker, Steven Ostoja, Tapan B. Pathak, Climate change impacts on insect pests for high value specialty crops in California,
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