Walter Joseph Bentley

Integrated Pest Management Entomologist, Emeritus
Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
9240 S. Riverbend Ave.
Parlier, CA 93648
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Professional Experience

10/1994-Present            IPM Entomologist, University of California, Kearney Agricultural Center, Parlier, California

1977-10/1994            Entomology Farm Advisor, University of California Cooperative Extension, Kern County, Bakersfield, California

1974-1977           Entomologist, Colorado Dept. of Agriculture Division of Biological Control, Palisade, Colorado

1972-1974            Graduate research assistant, Colorado State University

1970-1972            Entomologist, United States Army Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas


Professional Memberships

Entomological Society of America

Acarological Society of America

Pacific Coast Entomological Society


Professional Activities and Awards

Extension presentations (1980-present), 1000+.

Professional Society presentations (1980-present):  75

Refereed Publications (1980-present) 58

Book Contributions (1980-present) 21

Research Reports (1980-present) 130

Popular Press (1980-present) 204

Fresno State University Top Dog Alumni Award Representing Jordan School of Agriculture. 2021

Award of Recognition, European Grapevine Moth Team, 9th Annual International IPM Symposium. 2018

Lifetime Achievement Award, San Joaquin Valley Wine Grape Growers. December 2016 

Distinguished Service Award, Outstanding Team, European Grapevine Moth Team.  June 2016

International Lifetime Achievement Award in IPM, 7th IPM Symposium, Memphis Tennessee (2012)

Lifetime Achievement Award in IPM, Association of Applied IPM Ecologists (2012) 

Distinguish Service Award in Extension, UC DANR (2011)

Integrated Pest Management Team Award Entomological Society of America and Pacific Branch of the Entomological Society of America (2008)

IPM Innovator Award 2008 California Department of Pesticide Regulation

Excellence for Integrated Pest Management Award Pacific Branch of the Entomological Society of America (2003)

Past President Pacific Branch Entomological Society of America (2008/2009)

Past President Western Orchard Pest Management Conference (2007)

USAID Program (Farmer to Farmer) Guatemala, Central America (2106)

International Development Mission to Kosovo, Serbia 2004 and 2005 

Almond Board Environmental Task Force (1999)

IPM Study Exchange University of Llieda, Spain (1999)

Past President, Southern Valley Toastmasters (1983-84)

Past President, San Joaquin Entomology Association (1982-83)

Study exchange to the Philippines, Rotary International (1982)

Stone Fruit Pest Management Alliance Management Team (2000-2007)

Almond Pest Management Alliance Management Team. (1999-2005)


Research Support

PI on research projects with current grant support (FY 2000-2009) over $1,000,000 from sources including California Specialty Crops Grant, California Tree Fruit Agreement, Almond Board of California, California Pistachio Commission, and California Table Grape Commission, UC Smith/Lever Program.

Research Statement

Develop and extend research based pest management information on deciduous fruit and nut crops in California. My goal is to develop Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs which emphasize knowledge of pest and beneficial arthropod biology, and to utilize natural, cultural, biological and selective pesticide control techniques in reducing costs to farmers while maintaining crop quality and food safety.


M.S. Entomology, Colorado State University. 1974
B.S. Plant Science - Biology, Cal State Fresno. 1969


  • Top Dog Alumni Award Jordan School of Agriculture
    Presented by California State University Fresno,  2021
  • International IPM Award of Recognition - European Grapevine Moth Team
    Presented by International IPM Symposium,  2018
  • San Joaquin Valley Wine Grape Growers Lifetime Achievement Award
    Presented by San Joaquin Valley Wine Growers Association,  2016
  • 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award
    Presented by Association of Applied IPM Ecologists,  2012
  • International IPM Lifetime Achievement Award
    Presented by International IPM Symposium,  2012
  • Outstanding Extension Distinguished Service Award
    Presented by University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources,  2011
  • ESA IPM Team Award 2008 Almond Pest Management Alliance Team
    Presented by Entomological Society of America,  2008
  • PBESA IPM Team Award
    Presented by Entomological Society of America,  2008
  • Pacific Branch Excellence Integrated Pest Management
    Presented by Entomological Society of America,  2003



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Peer Reviewed

  • Grafton-Cardwell, Elizabeth E; Bentley, Walter, et al. (2020). Surveys of 12 California crops for phytoseiid predatory mites show changes compared to earlier studies. California Agriculture. University of California. 74:3. July-September.
  • Bentley, W. J., K. Daane, et al. (2011). Pseudococcus mealybugs (Grape, Obscure and Longtailed Mealybugs. Grape Pest Management, 3rd Edition (in press).L. Bettiga, W. Bentley and L. Varela. University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources Publication 3343.

  • Varela, L.G. and W.J. Bentley, 2011.  Vineyard Pest Identification and Monitoring Cards.  University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Publication 3532.

  • Zou, Y., K. Daane, W. Bentley, J. Millar. (2010). Synthesis and bioassay of racemic and chiral trans-?-necrodyl isobutyrate, the sex pheromone of the grape mealybug Pseudococcus maritimus. . J. Agric. Food Chem 58: 4977-4982.

  • Bentley, W.J. 2009.  The integrated control concept and its relevance to current integrated pest management in fresh market Grapes.  Pest Managment Science 65, 1298-1304.

  • Pickel, C., W.J. Bentley, J.K. Hasey, and K.R. Day. 2009. Insects and mites (Revised). UCIPM Pest Management Guidelines: Pests of Peach. Ohlendorf, B. and M.L. Flint, editors. UC ANR Publication 3389.

  • Bentley, W.J., L.G. Varela, F.G. Zalom, R.J. Smith, A.H. Purcell, P.A. Phillips, D.R. Haviland, K.M. Daane, and M.C. Battany. 2008.  UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines for Grape, Insects and Mites: Revised 2008 . Ohlendorf, B., and M.L. Flint, editors.  UC ANR Publication 3448.

  • Haviland, D.R., W.J. Bentley, and K.M. Daane. 2005. Hot-water treatments for control of Planococcus ficus (Homoptera: Pseudococcidae) on dormant grape cuttings. J. Econ. Entomol. 98(4):1109-1115.

  • Grafton-Cardwell, E.E., L.D. Godfrey, W.E. Chaney, W.J. Bentley. 2005. Various novel insecticides are less toxic to humans, more specific to key pests. Cal. Ag. 59(1):29-34.

  • Pickel, C., W.J. Bentley, J.H. Connell, R. Duncan, and M. Viveros. 2004. Seasonal guide to environmentally responsible pest management practices in almonds. UC ANR Leaflet 21619. 7 pp.

  • Bentley, W., S. Steffan, S. Johnson, and G. VanSickle. 2004. Integrated pest management of arthropod pests in stone fruits. IOBC/WPRS Bulletin 27(8):45-48.

  • Pickel, C. J. Hasey, W. Bentley, W.H. Olson, and J. Connell. 2002. Pheromones control oriental fruit moth and peach twig borer in cling peaches. Cal. Ag. 56(5):170-176.

Non-Peer Reviewed

  • Bentley, W. (2009). Using mating disruption to reduce use of organophosphate insecticides in peaches and nectariens. Conference Proceedings 2009 California Plant and Soil Conference.
  • Godfrey, K.E., K.M. Daane, W.J. Bentley, R.J. Gill, and R. Malakar-Kuenen. 2002. Mealybugs in California Vineyards. UC ANR Publication 21612.

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