Beth L. Teviotdale Ph.D.

CE Plant Pathologist, Emeritus
Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
1072 Rorden Avenue
Selma, CA 93662 Create VCard


Ph.D., University of California, Davis, 1973

Research Statement
Diagnosis, epidemiology and control of fungal and bacterial diseases of deciduous fruit and nut crops.

Work Information

Location: Kearney Agricultural Center
Program Area: Plant Pathology
Unit: "Department of Plant Pathology, UC Davis"

Other Information

County: Fresno
Notes: 30 years with UC. UC's first woman agricultural specialist.


Epidemiology and control of deciduous tree nut and fruit crops and olive diseases


Non-Peer Reviewed

  • 1997. Palmer, E. L., B.L. Teviotdale, and A.L. Jones. A relative of the broad host range plasmid RSF1010 detected in field isolates of Erwinia amylovora. Applied and Envir. Microbiol.
  • 1997. Teviotdale, B. L., N. Goodell, and D. Harper. Abscission and kernel quality of almond fruit inoculated with the shot hole pathogen Wilsonomyces carpophilus. Plant Dis.: 82:000.
  • 1997. Teviotdale, B. L., M. Viveros, and J. Grant. Apple russetting influenced by more than copper sprays. Calif. Agr. 51 (1):11-14
  • 1996. Teviotdale, B. L., and D. Harper. Almond pruning wounds, bark abrasions susceptible to Ceratocystis. Calif. Agric. 50 (3):29-33.
  • 1996. Teviotdale, B. L., T.J. Michailides, D.A. Goldhamer, and M. Viveros. Effects of hull abscission and inoculum concentration on severity of leaf death associated with hull rot of almond. Plant Dis. 80:809-812.

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