New Asian citrus psyllid website helps farmers and homeowners connect the dots

Aug 21, 2013

The early morning agriculture show on KMJ 580 in Fresno opened this morning with comments about UC's new Asian citrus psyllid website from Beth Grafton-Cardwell, UC Cooperative Extension specialist in the Department of Entomology at UC Riverside.

"There are a lot of websites out there relating to Asian citrus psyllid and huanglongbing disease," Grafton-Cardwell said. "What I tried to do in this one is give it a management focus with action steps: Here's where the bug and disease are, here's what you should do if you're a grower, here's what you should do if you're a homeowner. It connects the dots."

The story notes that the website includes a cost estimator for growers and homeowners that was developed by Karen Jetter, economist with the UC Agricultural Issues Center. The estimator lists effective pesticides and calculates the costs of application.

"It's a good way to figure out how you can help control Asian citrus psyllid," Grafton-Cardwell said.

The new website is at

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By Jeannette E. Warnert
Author - Communications Specialist