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Farm-to-school projects planned for Los Angeles and Tuolumne counties

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Tips for saving water and money in home landscapes

Save the Date Poppies

Big Dig Day


Protecting homes in wildfire-prone communities covered in new publication

Copy of Copy of UC ANR is proud to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
Asian American, Pacific Islander Heritage Month
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CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE educators and promotoras teach children gardening to encourage healthy eating
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Adjusting soil pH in California gardens
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When Smoke Gets In Your Wine
Mustard - Almond Board of California
How will climate change affect Southern California?
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Fighting hunger and building planet health go hand in hand
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Lush urban forests can help communities face climate change
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Covid-19-One Year Later

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4-H youth advance biosecurity at home and in their communities

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4-H adds lessons on mindfulness to promote healthy living
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Caching Coyotes

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Maintaining Your Garden Tools

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Drought-tolerant plants can save water, but beware of those that are toxic
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Lenya Quinn-Davidson

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Fadzayi Mashiri

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UC Climate Stewards take action to protect communities

Fire burning

To reduce wildfire risk, forestland owners can do winter controlled burns, says UCCE expert

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To reach vets, kids, older adults, UC Master Gardeners partner with community organizations

Date fruit bags Ali Montazar

Growers refine date palm irrigation with UC ANR research


Preserving and eating citrus peels and watermelon rind

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UC ANR Women in STEM


Protecting homes in wildfire-prone communities covered in new publication

California schools test water for lead, 3% exceed state limit
New videos demonstrate techniques and tools to survey forestland trees
RIFA mound
Red imported fire ants may be challenging to eradicate, but they can be controlled
Raised bed prep
Planning and prepping for your spring garden
Nine academics join UC ANR during the last six months
Frost damage
Recognizing and caring for frost-damaged plants
UC and community partners provided virtual hands-on cooking demonstrations
cattle and rangeland
UC ANR releases new publication that synthesizes scientific knowledge on annual rangeland
2020 evaluations of automated weeders in lettuce production