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Happenings in the insect world
by Julia G.
on September 1, 2021 at 5:26 AM
On the surface, it seems like a highly amusing story of a scientist expressing his concern over the paper review processes in a clever and highly public manner. I have to confess, this was my interpretation of this as well. Later however, came the reflection whether this act was responsible and how much was it a reflection of the western-culture-centrism.  
While I doubt there is much of a problem of combative conspiracy groups forming in the field of entomology (I might not be aware of the problem, if so, I apologise), the author must have been aware of the growing problem posed by alt-med groups, that grew all that much dangerous in the wake of a pandemic. Choosing to provide such groups munition against research-based medicine instead of highlighting the problem in, say, an open letter to medical colleges/facilities seems to be at the very least irresponsible.  
The author also seems to be of the opinion that failing to notice falsified article based on pop cultural references clearly assigns the blame to sloppy review system rather than acknowledging that a reviewing system for an international scientific community is, in fact, international and as such references that seem obvious to a person brought up in the United States might not be equally transparent for a person of a different age group and nationality (or would the author, upon being asked to quickly review an article on an urgent topic have spotted with equal ease references to research on health hazards observable in spring done by Maxim Isaev and Max Otto von Stierlitz? Or maybe we should deny the right to be published to any article where data had been gathered in a place that we aren’t sure is real - the French town of Bitche dating back to at least 1172) already had their facebook page banned on account of not being real).  
There is no doubt that the publishers were desperate to put articles on COVID-19 out there as soon as possible and some rash decisions were made. Likely the reviewers were also short on time. But was not the purpose of scientific journals to allow researchers to present their findings for others to verify and either build upon or find faults in them in the name of the development of science?
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