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Title Small Grain Production Pt 11: Small Grain Cover Crops
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The Small Grain Production Manual is a 14-part free online publication that presents essential information on producing wheat, barley, oat, triticale, and rye, from growth and development through seedbed preparation, fertilization, and irrigation, to pest management, crop rotation, cover cropping, and harvesting and storage. The manual also includes an overview of small grain production in California, as well as a handy troubleshooting guide. Color photographs, drawings, charts, graphs, tables, and references. ANR Publication 8174
Length: 6 pp.
Publication Date: 2006
Subject Area: Agronomy Range

Date Added Aug 6, 2008
Description Part 11 of the 14-part Small Grain Production Manual discusses the benefits of cover cropping with small grains, including nitrogen interaction, water use, and cultivar selection.
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