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Creatures in the Garden

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Photo Information As I watched the 2nd game of the 2017 NBA finals between the Golden State Warriors (colors: deep blue and gold) and the Cleveland Cavaliers (colors: wine and gold) I looked out to my garden and saw this dragonfly land and stay on my bird feeder. I smiled to think this member of the Odonata Family with bright blue coloring and gold flecks might be for the Warriors! As this dragonfly maintained the one position, I wondered if it were drying out its new adult wings. I went out to take its photo and approached cautiously so not to disturb. I know these insects have almost 360 degree eyesight, so I wasn't going to proceed unnoticed. Yet, this dragonfly remained, allowing me to observe within one foot distance. After the photo shoot, I returned inside for the rest of the game.This dragonfly (maybe a Blue-eyed Darner – Rhionaeschna?) remained on the bird feeder almost an hour, then suddenly left. 2 minutes remained in the 4th quarter, and the Warriors were going to win. Good luck? Maybe!
Burnett, Miyo: UC Master Gardener Program - Alameda

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