2022 Presentation Day


Congratulations to all those who participated in this year's Equine Presentation Day Event. Below are those who have qualified to represent the CA 4-H Equine Program at the Western Round-Up in CO.

National Qualifiers & Event:
  • Catherine Hill - Public Speaking (Individual)
  • Sarah Hogue - Equine Presentation (Individual)
  • Megan Griffith & Reece Ewing - Equine Presentation (Team)
Honorable Mentions:

Gold Seal Presentations

  • Elana MacFarlane
  • Clara Hause Stephenson

The Equine Public Speaking Contest is designed to help you to practice your presentation skills using equine as the subject matter while expanding your equine knowledge and increasing your research and study techniques.

2022 Event Information

2022 Equine Public Speaking Contest

Hybrid Opportunity

  • Virtual Participation Dates: 5/11, 5/14, 5/18, & 5/ 21
  • In-Person Participation Date at UC Davis: 5/28/2022
  • NO REGISTRATION FEE FOR 2022 as it will be part of the State Presentation Day event.

This year’s public speaking contest will be incorporated into the CA 4-H State Presentation Day event.

Questions? Please contact 4hsfd@ucanr.edu.

Competition Coordinator:  Vera M. Bullard, vmbullard@ucanr.edu.


This year's Equine Presentation Day is being run as part of the 4-H State Presentation Day event. Below are links to event specific information and the qualification exemption for being a part of the equine program.

For event specific information, please visit the State Presentation Day Events webpage.

Below is information related to the Equine Exemption for participation.


Equine Exemption for State Presentation Day Qualification

State Presentation Day typically requires that participants compete at county and regional presentation events to qualify for participation at State Presentation Day. While equine youth are encouraged to enter their presentations at these levels, this requirement is being waived for Equine contestants who meet the following requirements:

  • Member must be enrolled in a 4-H equine project
  • Member must register for one of the equine approved presentation categories* (see below):
    • Demonstration/Illustrated Talk (Individual or Group*)
    • Informative Prepared Speech (Individual only)
  • Subject matter must pertain to the horse industry.

* To qualify for National Competition, a Group Demonstration or Illustrated Talk must consist of a maximum of 2 participants who are both in the Senior Division.

Contest Rules

Presentations should meet the guidelines in the California 4-H State Presentation Manual and will use the following evaluation forms.

Note to Senior Members: While the time requirement for the state requirement offers a more generous window (ex. State Demonstration/Illustrated Talk = 3-15 minutes, Informative Prepared Speech = 2-10 minutes), National competition has more stringent standards (Demonstration/Illustrated Talk = 9-12 minutes, Informative Prepared Speech equivalent = 7-10 minutes). While not required, Senior members are encouraged to align their presentation times with the National Competition standard.   

Qualifier for National Competition

This contest is a qualifier for national competition.

Senior members who achieve a gold or platinum seal at the State Presentation Day Competition will be considered to represent California at the Western RoundUp.

The California Team will consist of the top presentation in each of the following categories:

  • Demonstration/Illustrated Talk (Individual)
  • Demonstration/Illustrated Talk (Team)
  • Informative Prepared Speech (Individual)

The following criteria will be used to determine the California National Team:

  • Earned a gold or platinum seal for their State Presentation Day presentation in one of the qualifying categories.
  • Received the highest raw score in category.
  • Contestant must already have passed his or her 14th birthday, and may not have reached his or her 19th birthday as of January 1 of the year in which the National 4-H Competitive Event is held.


In the event of a tie raw score the following criteria will be used to break the tie:

  1. They were a 2021 National Qualifier who did not get to compete due to the Covid-19 restrictions.
  2. Participant is in their final year of 4-H eligibility.
  3. Random lottery.

Please note: If Covid-19 restrictions prevent CA 4-H's attendance at national competitions, the CA 4-H National Team will receive Recognition Plaques as a substitution for attendance.


Please direct State Presentation Day questions to the State 4-H Public Speaking and Communications Advisory Committee.

Please direct questions related to the Equine program or National Qualifications to ca4hequine@ucanr.edu.