eXtension FAQ

What is eXtension?

eXtension Campus is the online course site or learning management system (LMS) of the Extension Foundation and its member institutions.  Many U.S. Cooperative Extension programs across the county including 4-H utilize this resource to provide on-demand, instructor-led, and blended classroom learning experience for staff, volunteers, and youth members.  

What benefits other than participating in these contests exist for creating an eXtension account?

As an integral part of the U.S. Cooperative Extension System, eXtension offers a broad range of interesting and diverse learning experiences for 4-H staff, volunteers, and youth members from subject matter experts across the country.  Also, eXtension is the official LMS for the California 4-H Youth Development Program offering a variety of courses for volunteers and youth members. To see the list of available courses, visit our learning and development page.  

Is it free?

eXtension is free to sign up and offers many of its online courses for free.  However, some courses, and contests do have an enrollment fee.  

My child does not have their own email address, can I use mine?

In order to create an account on campus.extension.org , each user must have a unique email address.

You can create multiple accounts on a shared email address by adding "+Name" to the part before the @, with no spaces.

For example, if your shared email address is mybusiness@gmail.com, then  enter this as the email address:

  • mybusiness+Joe@gmail.com
  • mybusiness+Mary@gmail.com

This will allow you to create separate accounts on campus.extension.org. In most cases, the email provider will ignore "+Name" in the address and send the email verification messages to the shared email account.

To skip the process of email verification, however, it is suggested that you create these accounts using the signup form at catalog.extension.org.